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Thread: Printer Recommendations?

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    Printer Recommendations?

    I'm looking into getting a color laser printer. Any recommendations/suggestions/ones to stay away from?

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    I know I am just one lone voice in the world, but I have owned a couple of Epsons, and both of them were a problem, especially when it comes to the paper feed. So I say go with Canon, which I've owned at home or for my business about 7-10 with no major problems. Also when you call Canon for customer service you get hooked immediately to a Virginia phone center. That's worth its weight in gold for me.

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    I've always had Epson printers, but I'm about to change I think. I paid a hefty price for a wide format printer 2 years ago and it's releasing drops of inks on my layouts when I print them. Plus the scrapbook paper that I've always used has been out of stock everywhere for about 2 months!

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    I don't have any advice for you because I have all of mine printed at Shutterfly. It will be nice to hear what everyone else has to say.

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    I've had a HP CP 1215 for over a year now. It prints a little on the dark side, but I do prefer it over inkjet. i buy the refurbished cartridges on amazon and they seem to work fine. I also have a Samsung (don't know the model), it prints a little on the grainy side so I started using that for work flyers and use the HP for my scrapping. I like and would recommend both though.
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    I use an Epson inkjet for my hybrid projects and quick prints. I've read that inkjets provide more vivid and crisp photo prints than laser. I have a wide format epson 1440. I didn't get the higher end one because of the costs and I print my single layouts at Persnickety Prints. They are cheaper than costco and their quality is AMAZING.

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