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Thread: What resource are you using to print pages?

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    Rita S Guest

    What resource are you using to print pages?

    I thought it was here at DD I learned about a new company (probably in March) that did a super quality job printing scrapbook pages to make albums. I created a digital 8x8 album of 50 pages (viewed it on DVD for the celebration and they watch the slides in a digi frame) for my parents 50th anniversary in April, and now would like to put it in book form for Xmas.

    I know it was not Shutterfly, although not opposed to any site that you all have had great service and quality with. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Sorry I have no suggestions - I have only used Shutterfly & loved the result.

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    I have used for printing some pages and had good results. I must admit though it has been awhile since I'm now addicted to Shutterfly books!

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    It's possible that it was White House Custom Colour. (

    They're a bit pricier than Shutterfly though.

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    Heritage Makers does an awesome job. The print quality on the paper is much the same as Shutterfly (had the same book printed at both) They are pricier though, and I have been happy with Shutterfly. One significant difference is the pages are sewn in, not glued.
    I've heard good things about too. Have not printed there myself yet.
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    I have also been very happy with Heritage Makers. The quality of the books is top notch, and on the couple of rare occasions that there has been a problem, their customer service was excellent. They reprinted a book immediately and sent it out to me.

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    well I use Blurb. I do love shutterfly, but the postage to here is often a lot {I'm in England - but guess my name told you that!!!} so I make most of my stuff thro Blurb. I am addicted to their 7x7 size!
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    I've used Shutterfly a lot, but right now you can get a basic standard matte print for 99 cents, which are regularly $1.99 at Obviously there are higher quality choices for more money, but I just get the standard matte.
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    I am also in the UK and am looking for a good printer. Do you have an link for Blurb's site? Also are there any other UK printers you would recommend?




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