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Thread: Shutterfly-Recipe Book?

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    Shutterfly-Recipe Book?

    Has anyone ever done a book full of digital recipes and had them printed and bound into a book w/ Shutterfly? I thought about this on my way to work, as I was thumbing through (at red lights) my mess of a recipe book I made years ago. "Wonder if I could do a recipe book w/ a template and how would it turn out?"

    Please let me know if any of you have done this before.

    Thanks much!

    Happy Holidays.
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    I haven't done one, but there is a nice one on Shutterfly:

    You could just pick a template you like, depending on whether or not you wanted to photograph each recipe.

    Let us know how the project turns out---I've been considering doing this for a few years now.


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    I just posted the one our team did--I think it might have been a couple of years ago now! We had a virtual cookie exchange!

    And Sherelle has asked me to do more recipe cards etc so I'm working on the idea of a kit & template set that a book could be created from!
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  4. Katie, thanks for posting the link to the DD Creative Team cookie exchange.

    I forgot how good all those recipes look! Fun to see it again!

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    Whoa, that book makes my mouth water! Yum!

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    Sarah, I will certainly check out the templates on Shutterfly. Thanks so much for that idea.

    Katie -- Loved that Cookie Book and it's exactly what I'm looking to do. I don't necessarily have to have photos w/ each recipe, but I certainly would like them typed and bound to look nice. Perhaps I could even gift it out. I'd be so happy if a template set is made I bet it would be a great hit in the DD store.

    Oh I can't wait to start!

    Thanks so much.
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    I have no gear...I sold all my Canon gear, now I'm thinking of getting a Nikon.
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    What a fun book! This idea would be great to give over the holidays

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    Oh, what a great idea! you could scan mother's and grandmother's handwritten recipes and make a layout around them!

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    Lynn...that's a great idea!
    Scan those recipes that were handwritten by loved ones.

    Kayleigh...I thought they'd be perfect holiday, birthday and even a bridal shower gifts.

    And maybe we could get some of Ali's hand drawn brushes with a cookbook theme.
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    I have no gear...I sold all my Canon gear, now I'm thinking of getting a Nikon.
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  10. i made one for my friend a few years back using shutterfly - but i will have to say i did the whole thing in power point before i had photo shop so i would certainly make changes if i were to redo it.
    i am not done with my sisters recipe book but as soon as i am i will post a link - i like it MUCH better. i used katie's kraft paper throughout the whole thing and i love that flow much better - i am doing the recipes by season -basically photographing our 'everyday' meals all year and then adding the fun seasonal and holiday favorites in there too.
    heres the link to the first i did in 07 in powerpoint
    photobook here
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    I did one for dd wedding bridal shower. It was a HUGE hit. I got all her friends and family to send me a recipe and a note about the chosen item !

    I did the same design throughout which made it easier and EVERYONE thinks I should sell the book thats how good it turned out !

    Have a go !
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    I always love reading family recipe books that have been individually made up, especially the ones with a bit of family history and pictures attached. It would be a great gift to family members.

    I often to into the virtual cookie exchange gallery and check out the cookie recipes, and now there's a book - it's beautiful, thanks for the link Katie!

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    This is exactly what I've been working on for my Grandma for Christmas. A book with all her handwritten recipes and older pictures of her cooking.... I'm typing the recipes so our family can read them but also scanning in the handwritten ones for background and photos. A template would make my life easier!

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    A family recipe book sounds like a wonderful idea! Too bad my great grandmother Nana got rid of all of hers...she came from Denmark and she would make the best meatballs, Apple Pies...donoughts to die for...but she wanted to be sure we would miss her when she was worked! Going to check out the cookie exchange book!



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