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Thread: What was your first purchase here?

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    What was your first purchase here?

    I LOVE to Digital scrapbook shop and I was thinking about my first kits that I bought here about 2 1/2 years ago. What was your first purchase here?

    Here are a few of my very first purchases at Designer Digitals-

    Rag Doll kit by Katie Pertiet-

    Wirl Wind by MaryAnn Wise

  2. Fun question, Crissy!

    Here's my first kit from DD:

    Mac computer/Adobe Creative Cloud: CS and Lightroom; SonyA57

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    What a great question, Crissy!

    This was my first kit:


    Hardware: Apple MacBook Pro, Nikon D80; 28-105mm, 50mm 1.8, Wacom Tablet
    Software: PhotoShop CS5, Lightroom 3

  4. This was mine . . . oh, how that "dates" file has grown in the past two years!

    These were my first kits purchased:


    My Gear: Nikon D300s w/18-200mm VR & 50mm 1.4
    Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4, PSE 10, Lightroom 2

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    My first two things I bought at DD was:

    My Gallery

    My NEW Blog
    My Gear: Apple 27" iMac, Adobe CS5 & Lightroom, Canon Rebel T2i and Wacom Tablet.

  6. And both were $0.25!!!
    Cassie Jones AND Katrina Kennedy tutorial collector.
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    Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 & Lightroom 3.0 beta

  7. I thought the Cabana White paper or the White Sticker alpha were my first purchases but I was wrong. According to my account history messy white stitching was my first purchase among other things:

    I'm finding it pretty funny that I obviously had a thing for white back in the Spring of 2006

    Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT
    Software: Adobe PSCS2, PSE 5.0
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    According to my order history, my first four purchases were:
    12 X 12 Scratched Edge Overlays No. 01

    Grunge Overlays

    Defining Friends Brushes-n-Stamps

    Friends Word Art No. 02 Brushes-n-Stamps
    My Gallery

    Camera: Canon Power Shot S5 IS
    Software: Photoshop Elements 11

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    These are so fun to see!! I think I also has some messy stitches that I bought on my first purchase here too, Paula!

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    My very first (that I'd forgotten completely about) was Anna's

    I didn't know how to use a clipping mask and just nudged and resized everything to fit! LOL!

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    My very first purchase, In April of 2005, was Katie's Caramel Floral paper. I too had to check out my account history and was surprised to see all of my orders back for over three years!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

  12. Fun question!

    Mine was Botanist Notebook #4

    Look at all the goodies: It has great background paper, staples, stitching, an aged alpha, stamps and a ledger grid. I STILL use pieces of this kit on a regular basis, especially the pair of staples. I swear every other one of my layouts has these staples!

    DD Gallery

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    Oh Good Lord, I just looked at my order history and blushed, it goes for 9 pages!

    My first order was:


    My Gallery
    My Blog

    Camera : Canon 60D and Sony a300
    Softwear : Photoshop Creative Cloud
    Fun Stuff : Wacom Bamboo

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    Not sure I really liked seeing such a long list of orders! I even saw things I'd forgotten I have. But this was my first order:

    SWAK Glitter-n-Brushes:

    Vintage Photo Frames Curled-n-Flat No. 08

    Curled Journal Spots No. 03
    Laura in CT

    My Gear: Canon 40D; 15-85mm, 55-250mm, & 50mm f/1.8; PSE6 & Aperture 3.
    My Blog: Honeypot Rambles
    My DD Gallery

  15. My first was the Alpha Jumble Paper Pack by MaryAnn Wise. I remember my first LO, 2 years ago, was a hybrid page of my daughter and her first homework assignments from school.

    -- Lisa
    My Stuff...
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  16. wowzers, First time I traced my order history back to the very first one! August 6 2006! and I spent $61.00! I bought lots of kits and , wow, I can't believe how long that has been. Still using all DD products too!

  17. My first total was $35.49, and included these great basics!

    Deckled Edge Frames

    Digital Date Stamps No. 01

    Jefferson Paper Pack

    My first order also included three other digital date stamps & three packs of Katie's Messy Stitches! Many of these products are such basics, and ones that I have in my desktop "go to" folder of most used items.

    Great thread Chrissy!

    My DD Gallery

    DD Photo-a-Day Flickr Group

    Software: Photoshop Elements 8.0
    My Gear: Canon PowerShot G10, Canon D50 , Tameron 28-300 lens and Canon 50mm - 1.4 lens
    Computer: iMac

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    Mine was back in Nov 2005 after lurking for awhile. It was the Jack and Me kit. I'm wondering if Katie retired it. I can't find it in the store. I remember thinking then how much better DD's designs were than everyone else's.

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    I am cracking up! I was in awe of all of you and your memories until "orders history" was mentioned!!! I thought you were all remembering this off the tops of your heads! What a relief!!

    What a great thread, Crissy!

    My first order was in August of 2005. Two of the products are retired. Here is the third:

    Defining Friends Paper Single

    My Gallery at DD
    My Blog

    My Gear: Nikon D800 and D700, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 24-70mm 2.8, 105mm, 70-300mm, 70-200mm 2.8
    Software: Adobe PSCS5, Adobe Lightroom 4

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    Seaside Kit by Katie Pertiet
    The Tiki Beach Boy Kit by Andrea Victoria

    and Chrissy's Summer Kit which doesnt' seem to be available anymore. This is according to my order history...which is pretty long..ha!
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    This was mine. Are you surprised?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugsbigsis View Post
    This was mine. Are you surprised?
    Surprised? No. Pleased? You bet!

    Software: Photoshop CS5 - Photoshop Elements 10 - Adobe Lightroom 3

    Gear: Canon30D with 50mm 1.4 and IS 28-135mm lenses - Canon Digital Elph DD1000

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    My first item i purchased was Mindy's Lil Trouble Maker Kit back in Nov 2007:

    Great thread Crissy

  24. !

    kelley and pattie, I love that kit! You've revived it

  25. What a fun thread!! It's really proving how classic and timeless all the designs here really are!! I won't list all ten products in my first order...but here are a couple, and I still love them as much today as the day I downloaded them.

    Katie's Beach Day Kit:

    Katie's Krafty Girl Papers:

    and Katie's Juicy Fruit Papers:


    my gallery

    Camera: Nikon D90, Nikon D50
    Lenses: Nikkor: 50 mm 1.4, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, Micro 60mm 2.8G ED, 18-200mm VR, SB-800
    Software: Adobe PSE3 and CS2
    Computer Platform: It may be a PC, but at least it's fast

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    Great question and I too was surprised to see what my first purchases were.. I was thinking something different until I checked it out..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathie02 View Post
    and I still love them as much today as the day I downloaded them.
    I know what you mean, Kathie! I go back to so many of those first products and still use them.

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    My first purchase included Katie's Little Leaves Kit

    the accompanying frames and rubons

    one of Cassie's fabulous tutorials

    and a few of Pattie's text bytes, this one if my favorite

    My Gallery

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    My first purchase was Kellie's Mudflowers kit

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    Mine was Anna's Karvella and Katie's Downtown Paper and Downtown Alpha! Still use today! (don't know how to link this??) Kathryn

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