• Using One Photo Across Two Pages in Photoshop and PSE

    Hereís a tip that was requested several times this week. Great minds think alike!

    When you are designing pages for your scrapbook, itís nice to coordinate the two pages that will be across from one another in the book. You may even like to spread one photo across the two pages. Hereís how:

    Begin by opening Photoshop or Elements.

    Open a 24x12-inch document at 300 pixels per inch.

    Open a photo.

    Use the Move tool to drag the photo onto your document and position it across the document.

    Finish embellishing the page.

    After you complete the layout, you can get the Crop tool and choose 12x12 inches/ 300 pixels per inch in the Options bar.

    Drag out a square to encompass the left side and choose File > Save As. Give it a new name (like layout _left) and then Undo.

    Repeat, dragging out a square to encompass the right side and save it with a new name (like layout _right.)

    Now youíll have two coordinating pages with a photo that runs across them and your photo will line up perfectly!