• Text Alignment Shortcuts in Photoshop and PSE

    When you are working with text in Photoshop and Elements, it often happens that the alignment is off. It may be centered when you’d like it right aligned or it may be left aligned when you need it centered. Here’s a quick way to realign the text.

    If you notice the misalignment while you are typing with the Type tool, press Ctrl A (Mac: Cmd A) to select all of the type.

    Press Ctrl Shift L (Mac: Cmd Shift L) on your keyboard to left justify text.

    Press the keys: Ctrl Shift C (Mac: Cmd Shift C) to center the text or press the Ctrl Shift R (Mac: Cmd Shift R) keys to right justify the type.

    If you want to realign text that you’ve created previously, double-click the T icon on the text layer in the Layers panel. This will select all of the text. (Alternatively, you can get the Type tool and click/swipe over the text to select it all.) With the text selected, you can use the shortcuts to realign the type.