• Lynn Grieveson - Terms of Use

    Copyright (c)2014 by Lynn Grieveson

    Personal Use License

    All copyrights to elements, graphics and kits are retained by Lynn Grieveson with all rights reserved.
    Designs are sold for your own personal use only. This includes creating your own layouts and artwork for your own albums (and for submitting to scrapbooking and related publications). If you are submitting layouts for publication or posting them online it would be appreciated*if you could credit (subject to the magazine or website protocols) Lynn Grieveson, the kit name and Designer Digitals. Thanks!

    You can also use them on your own (personal, non-commercial) blog. Please do not share or lend them to others.
    You are free to have fun cropping, re-coloring or altering the designs in any way you wish, as long as you do not redistribute the designs in any way in either their altered or original form.

    But you cannot:
    Re-sell, share or give away these designs, whether altered or in their original form
    use them to make templates or "quick pages" for sale or as “freebies”.
    use them for pre-made pages, cards or stationery for sale (this includes selling on eBay, etsy etc)
    use them on your own commercial site or call them your own works.
    create any harmful, pornographic or racist material with these products.

    Photographers’ / S4O (Scrap for Hire)* License:
    This license allows you to make custom photo cards,* albums and calendars for resale to clients. This is NOT a commercial use license for other digital designers wanting to use them to create digital scrapbook products for sale

    With this license you may:
    Use these designs in marketing your photography business
    Design photo albums to sell to your clients in a flattened or printed format
    Design Photo cards to sell to your clients in a flattened, printed format
    Design e-cards to sell to your clients in a flattened format
    Use in marketing materials
    Use these designs in your S4O (Scrap for Others/Scrap for Hire) business as long as you provide the pages to your customers in a flattened (eg jpeg) or printed format.

    This license does NOT authorize you to:
    Resell any of the products or the templates as they exist or in layered designs, or flattened PNG files.
    Resell any of the designs as part of your own works or as they exist to any retailer, photographer, designer or customer.

    Use for templates or pre-made pages for publication or sale on etsy, eBay or directly to anyone or call them your own works.

    Use the content for any harmful, pornographic, or racial material or material that may be deemed harmful or offensive to another person.

    Use the designs to create your greeting cards, stationary, home decor products or any other merchandise. (If you have enquiries about using them for such uses, please contact me)

    Commercial use licenses are handled on a case-by-case basis and fees and royalties are involved and vary based on distribution. For additional information regarding the prospect of a commercial license please contact support @ designerdigitals dot com.

    Copyright (c)2014 by Lynn Grieveson