• Let It Snow with Brushes in Photoshop

    Katie Pertiet's little dog, Dixie loves to dress up for photo shoots. We love seeing what Katie does with the adorable pictures. This year, Dixie is featured in a series of pages surrounded by glitzy snowflakes.
    Here's how Katie made it snow on Dixie’s photos.

    • Begin by downloading the Be Merry Brush pack at Designer Digitals. This pack features beautifully hand-drawn holiday doodles. One of the brushes is an asterisk or a snowflake. Unzip the download, making a note of where you've placed the folder on your system.
    • Load the brushes into the full version of Photoshop by choosing Edit > Presets > Preset Manager.
      On the next screen, choose "Brushes" from the Preset Type drop-down menu.
      Click Load and navigate to the unzipped brush folder on your computer. Click the ABR brush file and click Load.
      This puts the Be Merry brushes at the bottom of the manager.
    • Click Done.
      This returns the screen to the editing window.
    • Open the photo you want to decorate with snow.
    • Click the Create a New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.
      This places a new transparent layer above your photo where you can add the brushwork.
    • Get the Brush tool and choose the snowflake from the Brush picker in the Options bar.
    • Next, click the Brush Panel icon in the Options bar. This looks like a folder with brushes on it.
    • In the brush panel, choose Brush Tip Shape and increase the size and spacing by dragging the sliders to the right. Then choose Shape Dynamics and increase the Size jitter. Finally, choose Scattering and increase the Scatter. Experiment with each of these settings to get the effect you want – there are no rules.
    • Click the double arrow at the top of the Brush panel to close it.
    • Now click the Foreground color chip at the bottom of the Tool bin to choose a color. Create snow by dragging the brush across the page. The snow will stamp in the color you chose.
    • Your brushwork will be on the new transparent layer. Click Add layer mask with the brush layer selected. Click on the mask that appears on the brush layer.
    • Change the foreground color to black, then use a hard round brush to brush any snow that falls on top of your subject. This hides those flakes.
    • To make the snow gold, clip the snow layer to the gold solid paper in the Glad Tidings Solids Paper Pack. There are step-by-step instructions in the Instant Glitz tip.

    By adjusting the Brush dynamics, you can get interesting, scattered snow images for your holiday pages.