• Dragging an Image to Open or Place it in Photoshop and PSE

    It's easy to open an image in Photoshop and Elements by dragging it from your computer into the software. Knowing where to drop the image allows you to open a new tab or place the file into an open document.

    Locate the image on your computer. It may be in a folder, on your desktop or even on an external drive. Open the folder that contains the image.
    Next, open your software. Drag the top bar to the side so that you can see the folder (or desktop) which contains your image and the editing window at the same time.

    If you donít have any documents open, just click/drag the file onto the grey background of the editing window. The item will open and will create a new window or tab.

    If you have a document open, drag the item onto the grey background that surrounds the open window.
    If your open document is in a tab, drag the image onto the grey area to the right of the existing tab. This opens the image in its own tab or window.

    In the full version of Photoshop, you can use the "place" feature by dragging and dropping the file onto the open document. The image becomes a layer in the document. Click the checkmark to confirm the placement.

    Using these same techniques, you can even open multiple files at once. Just select a number of images and drag them all into the software as a group. You can select images using one of these methods:
    Ctrl clicking (Mac: Cmd clicking) the images you want to open
    Dragging a box around the images you are selecting
    Clicking the first, holding the shift key and clicking the last of the items you want to open.
    Once the images are selected, you can just drag and drop them into Photoshop or Elements to open them.