• How to Change the Color of "Brushes & Stamps" images and Overlays in Photoshop and PSE

    Digital brushes are just like rubber stamps for your digital pages. The brush sets at Designer Digitals come with both a Photoshop .ABR brush file and a set of brush images in .PNG format. The .PNG images are black images on a transparent background. Overlays are also black images on a transparent background.

    Our most frequently asked question is how to change the color of the brushes and overlays from black to a color of your choice. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you:

    Open the .PNG image in Photoshop or Elements. Use the following Menu command to bring up the Fill Dialog:
    (Photoshop) Edit > Fill
    (Elements) Edit > Fill Layer

    If you prefer, you can also try one of these keyboard shortcuts to activate the fill dialog:
    Press Shift Backspace or Shift Delete.

    From the fill dialog Contents box, choose Color.
    This opens the color picker. Select a color and click OK.
    Leave the Blending Mode set to Normal and Opacity at 100%.
    Tick the "Preserve Transparency" box at the bottom of the Fill dialog. Leaving this unchecked will cause the software to fill your whole layer, covering up the image.
    Click OK.

    Now your entire image is filled with the color you selected.

    But what if you'd like to recolor just a portion of the image?

    To do this, get a selection tool like the Lasso Tool or the Rectangular Marquee tool.
    Draw out a box or selection around the part of the image you want to recolor.
    Choose Edit > Fill (or use one of the other methods mentioned above) to bring up the fill dialog box.
    Select Color from the contents, choose a color, and click OK. Remember to tick the "Preserve Transparency" box and click OK.
    Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) on your keyboard to remove the selection.

    Now you'll have a stamped image with more than one color.
    Repeat the process to select and recolor other parts of the brush image if you wish.