• Changing Chalk Color in Photoshop and Elements

    The chalkboard look is all the rage in scrapbooking and design. From alphabets to hand-drawn images, phrases to flourishes, you’ll find chalkboard embellishments in every style and type. A number of you have asked me how to change the chalk color of your chalkboard purchases from the standard white. Here’s how:

    Open the chalkboard embellishment you’d like to recolor.
    To change the color of the entire embellishment at once, select:

    (Photoshop) Edit > Fill
    (Elements) Edit > Fill Layer

    From the Contents box, choose Color.
    This opens the color picker. Select a color and click OK. Pastels work best for maintaining a chalky look.
    Tick the “Preserve Transparency” box at the bottom of the Fill dialog. Leave the Blending Mode set to Normal and Opacity at 100% then click OK.

    To recolor parts of the embellishment, creating a multi-colored effect, first get the Lasso Tool.
    In the Options bar (at the top or the bottom of the editing window, depending on your software) click the “Add to Selection” icon. Draw circles around one or more sections you want to recolor the same color. (You’ll recolor the embellishment one color at a time this way.)

    Now repeat the steps above, choosing Edit > Fill and selecting a new color. This will recolor only the sections you have selected, leaving the unselected sections unaltered.

    Press Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) to deselect the sections you just recolored.
    Repeat to recolor other sections of the embellishment the same way.