• How can I create a brush image in a defined size in Photoshop or PSE?

    Sometimes you might need to stamp a brush image in a certain size. For example, you may want to use a craft punch to cut out the image and you need to make sure it will fit inside the punch dimensions. Here are two ways to stamp the image in defined dimensions:

    Method 1:
    Select View > Rulers.
    Get the Brush Tool.
    Create a new layer.
    Resize the brush by increasing/decreasing the pixels in the Options Bar or press the [ key to make it smaller and the ] key to make it larger (multiple times if necessary.) Use the ruler as a size guide.
    Stamp the brush on the new layer.
    Get the Move tool. Make further size adjsutments if necessary.

    If you want to make multiple copies of the resized image, you can press Ctrl +J (Mac: Cmd +J) to duplicate the brush layer, then drag the copies apart using the Move Tool.

    Method 2:
    Another way is to create a new document in the size you want the image to be.
    Use the brush tool to stamp the image within the borders of your new document.
    Drag the image onto a new paper-sized document to print.