• How do I download my purchases?

    Begin by logging into your store account.

    Under "My Account Information" you will see a section called "Previous Orders."

    Click the purple "View" button next to your order.

    On the next screen, scroll down until you see the section that is labeled "Download your products here and do a "Save As", not an "Open" to your computer."

    Click on the purple Download button under the title of the item that you purchased.

    If prompted to "Save" or "Open" click "Save." If you are not prompted, it means that you have set up your computer system to automatically download your files to a folder on your computer.

    After the download is complete, open the folder that is your automatic download folder. This is probably called something like "Downloads" or "My Documents."

    All of our products are delivered as zipped (compressed) files and must be unzipped before importing them into Photoshop, Elements, Word or any other software. You will receive an error message if you try to open them in your software without unzipping them.

    Your computer probably came with unzip software already loaded. If not, there is a list of free unzip programs at TheFreeSite.com: http://www.thefreesite.com/Free_Soft...sion_freeware/

    Right-click on the zipped file and choose "Extract All." (In Vista and Windows 7, double-click on the zipped file and choose "Extract All" from the shortcut bar at the top.)

    Make a note of where you are placing the unzipped folder. Once it's unzipped, you can delete the zipped version.

    Once you get the file unzipped and on your computer, you'll have it to use over and over again without having to download it again.

    Now open PS or PSE and select File > Open. Use the "Look In:" box to browse your computer for the unzipped folder. Choose an item (or items) you want to use on your project and click Open.