• How to Save Project Pieces to a New Folder in Photoshop and Elements

    This week, a customer wrote with an interesting dilemma in Photoshop Elements. She was working on a digital project and had chosen a number of digital papers and embellishments to use. As it often happens, she was interrupted before she could finish her project. She wondered if there was a quick way to save all of her open files and the project she had started so that the next time she had a few minutes to create, she could just open all of these items again without spending precious time searching for them.

    It turns out that Photoshop Elements has a feature that performs just this function.

    When you have several items open in Elements, choose File > Process Multiple Files.

    In the Process Multiple Files dialog box, choose:

    Process files from: Opened Files

    Under Destination, choose Browse.

    Choose a destination folder and then click the Make a new folder button.

    Type a name for the folder and click OK, making a note of where you are creating the folder.

    Leave File Naming, Image Size, File type and all of the other boxes unchecked. Click OK.

    One by one, your open files will close, but will be saved in the folder you have indicated under Destination. This does not move the original files, it simply creates a copy of them in your new folder.

    The next time you have a few minutes to work on the project, simply open all of the items in Elements and you are ready to create.

    Full-version Photoshop users can choose File > Scripts > Image Processor.

    Use the following settings:

    Use Open images
    Select Folder (Make a new folder and click OK.)
    File Type: Save as PSD. Check Maximize compatibility, but leave the resize to fit box unchecked.
    Leave all preferences unchecked.

    This will convert all of the open files to Photoshop format, but it will save them in a folder for you as described above.