• Crop Right in Photoshop and PSE

    I recently acquired a huge cache of family photos from a relative. In order to share them with my extended family, I have been scanning them six at a time on a flatbed scanner.

    Photoshop and PSE have a few very handy features which make quick work of separating and straightening scanned photos. Even if you are not careful in your placement of photos on the scanner, Photoshop can crop, straighten and save them in a flash! Donít own a scanner? Read on to see how this technique works with photographed and digitally-designed files, too.

    Import from scanner:

    First, take advantage of the import feature that allows you to scan your photos directly into Photoshop. Connect your scanner to the computer and select File > Import. From the options, select your scanner name. This activates the scanner and scanner driver. Arrange your photos on your scanner bed and scan the entire set as one image. When the scan is performed, your image will appear in the large editing window.

    Separate the photos:

    Hereís where the real magic begins. With the scanned image selected, let the software do the time-consuming tasks for you:

    In PSE, select Image > Divide Scanned Photos.

    In PS, select File > Automate > Crop and Straighten Photos.

    Watch in amazement as Photoshop detects the boundaries of the photos, crops and straightens them. When the action is complete, youíll have the original file and a set of individual photos.

    Donítí have a scanner? The good news is that this feature isnít exclusive to scanned photos. Use File > Open to select a document containing more than one item that you have scanned, photographed or created digitally at another time.

    Save the photos:

    Finally, save the group of images with just a few clicks.

    In PSE, select File > Process Multiple Files. Process files from Opened Files. Select a destination, file naming convention, size and file format. When you have made your selections click OK to allow PSE to process all of the images with one click.

    In PS, select File > Scripts > Image Processor. Use open images, select a destination, file format and size. You can even choose to run an action on each of the images from this dialog box. When your selections are complete, click Run to process all of the images with one click.