• Get Up Close and Personal in Photoshop and PSE

    The Zoom Lens on my camera is one of my favorite toys. Itís fun to use the zoom function to see details that my eyes canít detect. Itís also nice to be able to take photos at a focal length that is similar to what Iím viewing. Photoshop and PSE have tools that are just as handy as my favorite lens.

    When you are working on a project, you sometimes need to magnify your image to work on fine details. Hereís a quick way to bring those details into a workable view:

    Double-clicking the Zoom Tool increases your layout to 100% so you can see the page up close, at actual size. When you are ready to return, double-clicking the hand tool will fit the image to your screen again. Just like shooting with a zoom lens, you get the best of both views.