• Quick Photo fixes in Photoshop and PSE

    This time of the year, every minute is precious. Using the auto-correct features in Photoshop and Elements is a great way to improve your photos straight-out-of-the-camera in a hurry.

    ∑ You can do a quick auto-color adjustment by pressing Shift Ctrl B (Shift Cmd B) on your keyboard.

    ∑ Punch up the contrast of your photo by pressing Alt Shift Ctrl L (Mac: Opt Shift Cmd L).

    ∑ And then finish up with an auto-levels adjustment by pressing Shift Ctrl L (Mac: Shift Cmd L) on the keyboard.

    ∑ Remember that you can always undo any of the adjustments if you donít like them. Just press Ctrl Z (Mac: Cmd Z) to undo the last step.