• How to swap tools on the fly with Alt/Opt in Photoshop and PSE

    What a fun week this has been – swapping Valentine cards and treats with our friends and loved ones. As a child, I eagerly anticipated the card exchange and was impatient to find out what each card looked like.

    As an adult, I’m still impatient to see how things will turn out when I work in Photoshop and Elements. That’s why I like using the swap function the software developers have built into some tools.

    When you are working with the Dodge tool, pressing and holding the Alt key (Mac: Opt key) as you work changes it to the Burn tool. The inverse is true as well – the Burn tool becomes the Dodge tool by holding the Alt key (Opt key) as you work.

    You can swap the Blur tool and the Sharpen tool by holding the Alt key (Mac: Opt key) as you work.

    Knowing this trick comes in handy if you accidentally go “too far” while you are using one of the tools. Just make a swap and paint in over your work.