• How to save a layer as a new document in Photoshop and PSE

    When you are working on a multi-layered project, you occasionally run across layers you’d like to save to use on another project.

    This is especially true when you have purchased layered templates where you’d like to save a title, text path or other element for use on subsequent digital projects.

    You also may want to save a photo layer to which you have added effects, brushwork or restoration processes.

    With just a few clicks, your layer can be duplicated as a new document. Here’s how:

    Select the layer you want to save. Right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) on the layer in the Layers Panel. From the flyout menu choose Duplicate Layer to open the Duplicate Layer dialog box.

    Under Destination, select New, give the image a name and click OK.

    Your new image will populate in the editing window. Save the image in an appropriate file format and it will be available for you to use on other projects.