• How to choose the unit of measurement for Photoshop and Elements rulers.

    Where I live, we get very little snow. But this week, the children in our town were very excited to get a big snow storm. Where we can usually measure our snowballs in inches, this year, we had so much snow, our snowballs were measured in feet instead!

    When you are working in Photoshop and Elements, you can measure snowballs or any other page element using the built in rulers. To activate the rulers, select View > Rulers from the Menu bar or use the keyboard shortcuts.

    In Elements: Press Shift Ctrl R (Mac: Shift Cmd R) on the keyboard.

    In Photoshop: Press Ctrl R (Mac: Cmd R) on the keyboard.

    Once you have the rulers activated, double-click on the ruler to bring up the Ruler preferences where you can change the unit of measurement from inches to pixels, cm, mm, points, picas or percent. To save changes, press OK and return to your document. Using this feature, you can determine the size of page elements in whichever unit of measurement is most appropriate for your project.