• How to change the thumbnail size in the Layers Panel in Photoshop and PSE

    One of the things I like most about Photoshop and Elements is the ability to customize the interface to suit your project or computer screen.

    One of the changes you can make is to increase or decrease the size of the thumbnail in the Layers Panel. Itís easy to do Ė simply open a document in your software. Right click (Mac: Ctrl click) on the blank space in the Layers Panel to activate the menu. Choose Small, Medium or Large Thumbnail to change the size of the thumbnail.

    If you are working on a detailed project with many layers, itís sometimes helpful to increase the size of the thumbnail so you can easily find any layer. If you are working on a very large screen, you may want to use small thumbnails so that you can see more layers at a glance. Knowing this tip makes the choice yours.