• Creating an IOU with the Type Mask Tool in Photoshop and PSE

    Too late for a Christmas gift? Maybe the present you ordered hasn’t come in yet or the gift you are giving requires the recipient to make a choice. You could be giving the gift of time with promises for babysitting or car washing. Whatever the circumstances, make your IOU extra special by personalizing the letters using Photoshop or Elements and the Type Mask tool.

    Begin by opening a new blank document in Photoshop or Elements in the size you’d like to print. For the sample, I created a 4x6-inch document at 300 pixels per inch.

    Next, open a piece of digital paper or a digital photo.

    Get the Horizontal Type Mask Tool. This tool hides underneath the Type tool. You can access it by clicking and holding the Type tool.

    Make your choices in the Options Bar. Choose a font, style and a very large size.

    Left click and position your cursor on the paper. You’ll notice that the paper turns red which shows you where the “mask” is. Type a letter (or letters) and click the checkmark to confirm the type. This makes a selection of the text.

    Get the Move tool and position your cursor inside the letter selection. Click and drag the letter onto the other document.

    Finish the IOU card by adding embellishments, papers and photos to your liking. Use your creativity to customize the IOU card. Try using an embellishment like a wreath or ornament for the O. Use a Nutcracker or peppermint stick for the I or use photos that represent the gift to make the letters.

    Select File > Print to print your card or save it as a JPEG to have it printed at a local store.