• Custom Aligned Text in Photoshop and PSE

    Try something different with text this week and add a little flair to a project title. This week’s tip is the fifth technique in a series on type tricks in Photoshop and Elements.

    When you are creating a title, you usually type the letters all together, allowing the software to align them. For a change of pace, you can align the letters yourself. Doing this gives you the ability to get creative with the spacing so you can overlap letters or position them in a non-linear way. For maximum flexibility, create a new layer for each letter. Here’s how:

    Begin by opening a new document or digital scrapbook page in Photoshop or Elements.

    Get the Horizontal Type tool.
    Choose a font name, style, size, and color in the Options Bar across the top of the editing window.
    Click on the project and type the first letter of your title.
    Confirm the text by clicking the checkmark in the Options Bar.

    Click on your document somewhere other than where you’ve placed the first letter. Type the second letter and drag it into place next to the first letter. Confirm the text and continue typing and moving the letters into position until your title is complete.
    You can mix it up by using different fonts for each letter or overlapping the letters. You may even want to tilt a letter by selecting the letter and pressing Ctrl T (Mac: Cmd T.) This activates the transform controls with side handles you can use to tilt an individual letter.
    When you are finished with your title, link the title letters by moving your cursor to the Layers Panel. Select the first letter and hold the Shift key, scroll and click on the last letter. Now all of the letters of the title will be selected. Click the link which looks like a chain link in the Layers panel. Now you can resize, move and reposition your title letters together as one unit.