• Creating a Snapshot in Photoshop

    Have you ever run an action and then wished you could undo it? Sometimes actions have so many steps, you don’t have enough undo states in your History panel to revert back to the place you were before you ran the action. This is especially problematic if you have committed some changes to an image before running the action.

    To make sure you can get back to the pre-action state, begin by creating a snapshot before running the action. This is a handy feature in the full version of Photoshop.

    Open the History panel by selecting Window > History.

    At the bottom of the History panel, you’ll see a camera icon. Click it to create a snapshot image. You’ll see an image labeled “Snapshot” populate under the original image at the top of the History panel.

    Run the action. If you are not happy with it, simply click the snapshot layer in the History panel to revert to the snapshot you created before the action.