• Customizing Menus in Photoshop

    The full version of Photoshop is loaded with menus. Some will be more useful for you than others, so Photoshop is equipped with a way for you to customize them to your liking.

    From the menu bar, select Edit > Menus. This opens the Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus dialog box.

    Click the arrow next to a menu item name to see the list of submenu items.

    For example, if you click on the File menu, you’ll see the submenu items: New, Open, Browse in Bridge, Browse in Mini Bridge, etc.

    If you don’t use Bridge, you may want to click the visibility icon which looks like an eyeball to hide that menu item.

    This will help you clean up your menus, reduce the clutter and increase your work speed.

    You can also use this function to highlight your favorite menu items with color. In the Color column, click the word “none” to choose a highlight color. Save the changes by clicking OK.

    This will help you find the highlighted menu options more quickly.

    Make your software your own by personalizing your menus in a way that make sense for your own workflow.