• Why are the download files not named the product name?

    We chose to name our download files the same as the store product number to make the download files easier to manage. With over 5,000 products in the store and growing it makes it very easy to find DS39436.zip for item DS39436 (Katie's Digital Date Stamps Vol. 03). And with this example when you extract the files from the zip, the folder name is what you are used to, KPertiet_DigitalDates-3 for this example.

    This also makes it very easy to find a product in the store through our search as well as a search engine like Google for our part number.

    The product numbers are named with the following prefixes and followed by a 6 digit random number.


    CD-Ready Made Card


    DS-Digital Stamp (brushes and stamps)




    LP-Lesson Pack

    LT-Layered Template


    PP-Paper Pack

    PS-Paper Singles

    QP-Quick Page

    VA-Vector Art

    VI-Vintage Image