The Story Scrapbook Challenge

Ho ho ho, let’s get into the Christmas spirit with this challenge, it’s lucky dip time!  Yes that’s right, I want you to delve into your files, look through the downloads from your camera, flip back on the photos on your phone, and I want you to pick a photo, any photo that is about Christmas.  How easy is that!  Even the most innocuous innocent photo has a story and I want you to tell it.

It might have been the time the family drove around the streets looking at the decorated lit up houses, or when you were footsore from traipsing through the mall gift shopping.  How about those Christmas guests that come and never leave!  The making of a delicious meal.  The Christmas afternoon nap on the couch.  A cookie bake off, a work Christmas party, one two many eggnogs.  The wrapping of the presents, the decorating of the tree and reminiscing about your decorations.

I want you to just find a photo about Christmas (now or in the past) and give it a story, bring it to life, make it a memory.  And if it’s just a memory with no photo, that’s okay too.

The creative team have jumped on board and nearly bowled me over with some terrific example pages:

DeLisa has rocked this page, the photograph to anyone looking at it is two ladies in the kitchen, but the story is fabulous, about a special friendship, and cooking in the kitchen together to get ready for Christmas Day.  Brilliant.

Then let’s check out Kate’s page.  The tradition of special decorations in town and her favourite one here snapped on the phone.  A quick photo but it means so much checking out if that fun decoration makes an appearance each year.

I love Kathy’s story about her granddaughter’s fear of elf on the shelf, and how this year Kathy has gone over the top with decorating to her heart’s content.

And lastly my page, some quick photos I snapped last Christmas Eve and documenting a tradition held in our house by my crazy husband.  Any little children around, please don’t read the story out loud!

The team at DD have generously provided a freebie to help you on your way, the link is good for the entire month of December.  I hope the goodies inspire you.   I am really looking forward to reading all the stories this month.

Post your pages in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery and don’t forget when you use ALL DD product on your challenge page you should post a link of your page in the December Challenge Participation thread so that it will count toward your savings in the rewards program.  Everyone’s a winner!

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