The Story Scrapbook Challenge

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Katie here, filling in for Carol this summer and I’ve got a new Story Scrapbook Challenge for you! I’ve been thinking a lot about the past and how things have changed and how things of now will look to future generations.

So this month’s Story Challenge is to scrapbook a page telling the story of then and now. Maybe it’s comparing how a job has changed over the years like the story Shannon scrapped for the challenge.

Or maybe it’s how you’ve experienced holidays in the past compared to how you celebrate now. Maybe it’s the environment, the size of the gathering, the people you celebrate with. Check out how Patsy showed the difference in how they celebrate Christmas now vs. then!

Maybe your take on then and now is a no-photo approach, using google to compare prices of consumables in your left then vs. now. Maybe it’s the car you drove then vs. now. Or how about a child graduating high school now and your high school graduation then?!

The ideas are endless and I look forward to seeing how you tackle this challenge!
Download this freebie to help get you started, share your page in our gallery and then be sure to link of your page in the rewards thread to earn a store discount code!

Happy Scrapping!

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