Template Mash-up challenge: to grid or not to grid

Morning all! Happy December!
So – we’ve got a bit of a grid theme happening this week it would seem! Following on the Saturday scraplift of Anke’s beautiful Christmas grid, I’ve chosen a ‘gridded’ template to begin with for this week’s template challenge. This stunning template designed by Kayleigh uses so many of Katie’s gorgeous products that you will be absolutely spoiled for choice:

I’ve decided to pair it with another of Kayleigh’s designs which features Christmas product in a lovely snowy dark blue and grey combination:

Esther volunteered to create a page using these two templates and it’s a stunner, featuring all the sweet Spring visotors to her garden. She has used the stitching and some leaves from Layerworks No. 864, but has relied heavily on Layerworks No. 936 for her grid arrangement. I like the way she has moved things around though, to better suit her photos and the story she had to tell.

I decided NOT to grid, so I’ve used just the top row of the grid in Layerworks No. 936 as the basis for my design. I used the paint and the lines brushwork from Layerworks No. 864 to ground the arrangement and played around with elements from both templates, recolouring and resizing to suit.

Mashing up these two templates gives lots and lots of options. You will need to decide to grid or not to grid. Will you use all or part of 936 as a basis for your page design (That grid has three rows and three columns that could all be used individually!) Or perhaps you will go with 864 as your starting point? And once that decision’s made – there are SO MANY elements to choose from.

I hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I did! Please post your page in the Template Challenge Gallery, and don’t forget to link us up to your 100% DDproduct page in theDecember Challenge Participation Thread to earn shopping rewards!

Don’t have these templates in your stash? Check out this week’s Thrifty Thursday sale!

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