Template Mash-up Challenge: a Katie & Cathy blend

Good morning everyone!
It’s time for a template Mash-up!
This time, I’ve chosen one of Cathy’s templates from 2009 – Layered Template No. 0006 It’s a perfect example of her clean and simple design which I love . . .

But, I thought, what would happen if we teamed it with one of Katie’s recent layered templates?
Like her My Darlings Template?

When I started to play, I had no real idea what I might, or might not, include. Frankly – I was a bit worried that it wasn’t going to really work . . .

I think Patsy thought the same, BUT she found just what I did. The two designs fit together SO WELL it’s really hard to decide what, if anything, to leave out!

Patsy’s created a lovely “Heritage” layout using the two templates and I especially love her use of the leaf brushes which is one element that I DID remove from my own page.

Audrey has also produced a stunning page, subtituting some StudioDD wordart that is coming soon to the store soon, for the ‘My Darlings’ title. I love the way she’s duplicated the photo corner from Cathy’s template in order to create a visual triangle with the bracket from Katie’s template.

I think I clipped patterned paper to just about every element of Cathy’s template and I love the strong background the design provides to the lovely layering in Katie’s template which I placed on top. I also used Cathy’s photo corner as part of a visual triangle; colouring it the same as two of the hearts from Katie’s template. You’ll notice I replaced one of the photos with some more patterned paper – always an option if you have just one photo to scrap.

I had a lot of fun playing with this combo and since I finished my page, I’ve also wondered what it would look like if you shrunk all of the elements of Katie’s design right down and used them in a similar way to a Readymade border across the bottom of the large Photo in Cathy’s template! Hmmmmm – might have to try that out!

I hope you enjoy playing with these two templates! If you don’t have Cathy’s Layered Template No.06 or Katie’s My Darlings Template in your stash, watch out for this week’s Thrifty Thursday Sale!

If you do participate, your layout can earn you credit in our rewards program. All of the details are in the July Challenge Participation Thread. Please share your pages by posting them in the Template Challenge Gallery. I look forward to seeing what you create! Happy scrapping everyone!

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