Template Mash-up challenge

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I thought that today we’d have a go at mashing up these two templates.
One of Katie’s Blendables:

and one of Kayleigh’s Layer Works:

I think these two templates give lots of scope for all the blenders, maskers, layerers or brushworkers among us. Guest CT members Addie, Kate and Rachel were all keen to have a go at this challenge and I love how different all their layouts are.

Addie gorgeous page takes full advantage of all the photo frames to include a great 5 pic series that just screams “FUN!”. I also really like the look of the masked leaves photo behind her main photo group.

I love the way Rachel has removed the frames from the “Hung Up Frames” in the Layerworks template, and used the remaining twine and elements as a beautiful accent piece along the bottom of her framed and masked photos. Beautiful!

Kate has designed the most stunning Heritage Page from the two templates. She really liked the heritage feel of the brushwork and masks in Katie’s template so has run with that, duplicating some of the elements from the Layer Works template to make the beautifully symmetrical layered mat for her photo. I just love how she has “pinched” the “in the lens” flair from the Layer Works template and found the perfect nestling place for it in her title. Lovely!

Where will this mash-up take YOU?
Please post your layout in the Template Challenge Gallery and don’t forget that your 100% DD layout can be linked up in the November Challenge Participation Thread in the forum. That’s the way to earn rewards to spend in the DD shop!

Happy scrapping!!

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