Template Challenge, Honoring Pattie

Hi everyone, Nancy here with a new Template Challenge for you.

Loosing our dear friend and designer Pattie Knox last week has left our community reeling and many of us asking what we can do to show our respect for and honor this formidable lady.  It seemed only fitting that we should feature one of Pattie’s Speed Byte templates for this challenge. Speed Byte No. 098

Speed Byte No. 98

Templates absolutely hands down have to be a scrapper’s best friend.  When I’m left staring at a blank screen and wondering where to go with my photos, I’ll frequently click on my template folder for some direction.  I seldom find the perfect solution, but I can usually identify a starting point.  Just having something in front of me to get me working seems to solve the block of not having a concrete plan already in mind.  Often times, the final draft barely resembles what I started out with, but that’s OK because it got me moving off square one!

Let’s take a look at how the Creative Team put Pattie’s Speed Byte No. 98 to use.

First up is Chrissy (kikimama), one of the newest members of the team.  Chrissy used an adorable photo of her little guy Tom enjoying bubbles.  Getting those bubble photos can be tricky, so this photo is an especially great capture!  She stayed fairly close to the original design, relocating the title, adding an inner and outer frame (I love how the stitching holes circle holds all the elements together and makes sure the viewer’s focus is squarely on the subject, where it should be) and adding a ribbon border at the bottom.  I was so tickled that the whimsical pieced flower included in the design worked perfectly with the scene she wanted to create.

Chrisssy's Take

In addition to the featured template, Chrissy used:   Littlest Farmer Kit, On the Go Kit, Little Shores Kit, Little Layette Kit, Parked Kit, Photo Corners Colors, Star Glows Brushes, Stitched Holes Circles, Word Strip Labels No. 02 by Katie Pertiet

Ingrid Kit, Frog Prince Kit by Maplebrook Studios

Franklin Kit, Poppies Kit by Lynn Grieveson

Next we have a stunning page by Myra.  I am in awe of her gorgeous photo of her son Jake practicing the piano.  The lighting is just incredible!  She expertly pulled the perfect color tones from her photo and used minimal patterns and embellishments in keeping with her bold graphic style.  I love the title treatment with the curved arrow pointed directly at her subject.

Myra's Take

In addition to our featured template, Myra used:  Frosted Winter Add-on Paper Pack, Autumnal Artistry Add-on Paper Pack and Crowning Affair: Understated Element Pack by Katie Pertiet

Text Bytes: shaped Text Templates No. 38 and Staple Its by Pattie Knox

Finally, my page using Speed Byte No.98.  I started out with the tilted border strips as the template was designed, but ended up leveling them when I added the tree edger.  I also added a border and relocated the title.


In addition to our featured template, I used:  Watery Flakes No.2, Jewelry Tag Alpha, Red, Black and Creme Mini Kit, Winter Peony Add-on Paper Pack, Winter Woods Add-on Paper Pack, Winter Woods Kit, Sweet Saint Nicholas Kit, Jolly Good Edgers No. 03, Thin Classic Frames No. 01, Wood Shop Papers No. 05, Clean Stitched Banners White, Loosely Labeled Dates No. 04, Clean Stitched Borders White, Binder Clips Collection, Sweet Rose Bay Kit, and Fine Border Lines You 01 by Katie Pertiet

Life Is Crayon Brushes by Ali Edwards

Vinter Kit, Midwinter Kit, and Geometric Hints by Lynn Grieveson

Rory Kit by Maplebrook Studios

And that’s it for this week… I do hope a number of you will find the time to play along with this special edition of the template challenge honoring our dear Pattie.  Don’t forget, this template along with 400 other store items will be on sale for 30% off this Thursday 3/7.

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