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stop the madness life art journal challenge

ART journaling… it’s art. it’s a form of personal expression. it’s art therapy.

Instead of writing pages and pages of entries in a journal about things that are weighing on you, take the art journal approach and turn it into art. It allows you to visualize your feelings, grab hold of them and know what will get you through this struggle or chapter in your life.

Personally, life has been coming at me like a freight train. I feel like it just never stops, train after train coming at me and I’m running to keep up with it. So I started this page with an image of a train and went watery with it. To address the feelings of STOP IT, enough already, I used an image of a stop sign and some word strips from the Maybe Not Scrapbook Collection. As I added more watery brushes to the background I was thinking about how it it would all just stop I could enjoy the butterflies… a metaphor… right?! So I added in the watery Wings. Originally I thought I’d color them but when I dragged in the raw file I felt the black worked perfectly. Lastly I added in some text on a Curved Text Path to express my feeling sin a few words. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want life to STOP. Really just slow down. I have a good life that I enjoy but the rush of the frieght trains, the noise and pollution they bring [oh so many metaphors ;)] are all too much and I’d like them to maybe be a weekly train instead of what seems like an hourly express LOL

I’m sure you have a freight train or two in your life too. Something you want to just STOP?! This month’s ARTjournal Challenge is to use one or both of these blends in an ARTjournal page to express your feelings and struggles.

ART journal free blendable

Download the freebie and do some art exploration about your memory tree too!
[Available thru March 31st, 2016]

Please post your pages in the Art Journal Challenge Gallery. Also remember you can join in with the reward scheme by using all Designer Digitals products, and posting in the rewards challenge thread for March and earn shopping discounts!

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