Simplify: Template Mash Up Scrapbook Challenge

I often simplify layered templates to make well designed scrapbook pages that fit my style and themes. When I’m mashing two templates, this can mean using the ‘bones’ from one template and a few key elements from the other, while deleting layers (sometimes many layers!) from both of the original LT products. That’s what I did with the two packed templates we’ll be mashing this week!

little-more-love lw-720

The Layer Works template formed the base of my layout, but I removed most of the extra elements and much of the background brushwork. Since I was creating a page about my grandson,  I wanted a cleaner and slightly less feminine look for the finished layout. I added the photo corners from the second template, along with a few extras also borrowed from that layout. Here’s my result:


The only additional product that I used was Katie’s Duncan Solids Paper Pack.

I’d love to see what you come up with when you try your hand at mashing these two templates. (If you don’t want to simplify, you can even add as many layers as you like!) Please consider participating. If you do, and you use 100% currently available DD products, your page will qualify for our rewards participation program. The details are found in this post.  Don’t forget to share your results in our Template Challenge Gallery, too.

Happy mashing!

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