Saturday Scraplift Scrapbooking Challenge: Bold is Beautiful

Hello!  I’m glad you’re here.  The Saturday Scraplift is one of my favorite challenges and this week we are lifting this beautiful page by our fearless leader, Katie. Bold move, don’t you think? 😉

KPertiet_WhereverYouArePREVKatie’s page is so pretty with her bold and beautiful photo and her bold and beautiful floral print background.  I just love this page and hope you will join us for the challenge.

I have two bold (and beautiful) volunteers to help me with some example pages to get things going.  Although I personally was completely drawn in by Katie’s big, bold floral print completing her overall page design, I think we were all three heavily inspired by the layering in Katie’s page.

First, Sharon created this wonderful page showing off her granddaughter’s beautiful “cheesy” smile.

December_31st_Say_Cheese_webHere are the supplies that Sharon used to create her page: Letter Box ssentials Paper Pack no2, Blue Bird Roughed Up Papers, Collageable Tears No1, Stacked Vintage Photo Frames No.5, ARtsy Layered Paints No2, Wood Veneer Talk Bubbles No1, Hexa Phemera No2, Wooden Alpha No7, Wood Veneer Hearts No2, and Pamela Kit.

Carol created her page with a huge grin on her face because she is scrapping her stepdaughter’s journey into motherhood.

2014-Tabby_15_weeks_-_webCarol’s list of supplies looks like this: Artistry D’amour Kit, Artistry D’amour Paper Pack, Artistry D’amur Add on Paper Pack, Artsy Paint No.4, Large Stacked Journal Spots, Paper Reveals Layered Template Pack, Fine Lines Border Lines Brushes and Stamps, Worn Page Edges, Jennika Solids Paper Pack.

My page features a certain four- legged creature whom we share our home with. We get a kick out of his humanistic behaviors.

DailyLifeHere is my supply list: Beneath Walls No.1, Wood Veneer Patterns, Painted Photo Mask No5, Evergreens, Roughed Up Shabby Photo Mats, December Woods, Stacked Vintage Frames No5, Timely, Day By Day Words, Collage Ephemera No2, Arlesey, Woof, Wooden Alpha No16, Readymade Borders Vintage No1, Hexa Phemera No2, Clear Thru Flakes No1, Folia, Grunging Canvas Edgers No1.

I hope you’ll join us in lifting Katie this week and we’d love to see your page in the Saturday Scraplift Gallery.  Remember, if you use all DD product on your page then it qualifies for the Rewards Program so be sure and post a link in the January Challenge Thread for proper credit.




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