Saturday Scraplift: Graphic and Grunge

Hello! I am very excited to share this week’s Saturday Scraplift with you all. As soon as I found this gem of a page in the gallery, I knew I had to lift it. The combination of graphic brushes and grungy accents were just too perfect. I also loved the memory that she captured. I’m not going to ask how many of you remember pay phones but it totally got me thinking about them and how I used to see them on every corner. Just the perfect page! So our starting point this week is Payphone by Rache77.


And here are the pages that Rachel inspired. First up, Brenda (bbe) not only used a similar design, but she also had a great phone story to share.  Love the blended background she achieved and that starburst brush is a great subtle accent.redphonebox2Artsy Grunge Clusters No1, Taped Together Edges No.4, Deleen Scrapbook Element Pack, ARToptions Neutrals Paper Pack No. 02, File Tab Words: Fall No. 01,Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Calne Paint, Torn Classic White Photo Frames No. 01,  Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01, Looking for Love Element Pack, Artistry de Sol Kit (alpha), Blendable Journalers No. 01, Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 05, Page Blends No. 05

Next up is Sara (sarahorton) who followed the general layout of the page and then used a big brush of the State Seal of Texas to accent her design. I love the elemental details she used to accent her photo.

sarahorton_SSL20150829Spring Branches No. 02, Readymade Clusters: May, Yesteryear Element Pack, Catching Rainbows: Painted Accents, Typed and Scripted Brushes and Stamps No. 03, Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 05, Taped Together Overlays No. 5, Canvas Color Mix Paper Pack No. 03, Hinged Photo Frames No. 04, Vintage Postage: Red, From My Bookshelf Blendables No. 05, Touch Up Paint Brushes and Stamps No. 05

And here’s my take on the challenge this week. I muted the colors of my photo and played with lots of grunge (which I love) along with some graphic brushes to accent my daughter’s fierce competition face.

sat scrap - fierceCanvas Color Mix Paper Pack No. 02, Monochromatics Overlays No. 04, Freshly Worn Brushes and Overlays No. 03, Tabbed Dates No. 01A, Run Run Run Kit, ARTpacks Brushes and Stamps: Structures No. 01, ARTpack Botanicals Brushes and Stamps No. 01, ARTpack Geometrics Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Tabbed Photo Frames, Vintage Photo Frames No. 36, Artsy Splatters Brushes, Stamps and Layers

If you are now excited to mix up some graphic and grunge, please post your pages in the Saturday Scraplift Gallery. Remember that challenge pages using 100% Designer Digitals products are eligible for our rewards program, check out the Reward thread for August. Enjoy scrapping!





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  1. Stacia says:

    I loved this page too, fun to see it chosen to scraplift! Awesome scraplifted pages that people made based on it too. Thanks for sharing!

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