Saturday Scraplift: Borders and More

For the longest time, I’ve been a fan of the page-within-a-page look. The clever design principle appeals to my eye, and it’s almost like getting two pages in one. The striking striped border on Sharon’s (justbnsharon) page caught my attention immediately, and then I was drawn further into her delightful creation by the edge treatments on the “inner page.” Liz and I had fun lifting Sharon’s page for our own photos.

Sharon’s page:


Liz (lizziet5) put a fun picture of her daughter and granddaughter front and center on her page and chose an awesome color scheme to complement it. I love her choice of accents clustered around her photo and the brushwork that she used to ground her design. The dotted twist does a great job leading the viewer’s eye through her page.

 A_giggle_a_day_700Credits: Clipped Stacks No. 12; Scratchy Paint Clusters Brushes and Stamps No. 01; Anzio Solids Paper Pack; Anzio Add-on Paper Pack; Anzio Element Pack; Anzio Painted Accents; Twisted Dots Brushes and Stamps No. 02; Everyone Smiles Brushes and Stamps; Readymade Clusters: Anzio

I worked with some photos my daughter-in-law took of my grandchildren at their uncle’s house in New York a couple of summers ago. They dictated my color scheme, and I tried a technique of Liz J’s – layering a couple of Kayleigh’s readymade borders. Definitely putting that one in my toolbox!

bucketofunCredits: Black, White and Lime Kit;  Littlest Farmer Solids Paper Pack; Canvas Color Mix Paper Pack No. 17; Around Word Page Frames No. 01; Astro Element Pack; Gator Crossing Element Pack; Loosely Labeled Stacks Daily No. 01; Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01; Basic Chipboard Alphabet: Blue; Drop Shadow Styles No. 02; Readymade Borders: Lila Bleu

There are so many ideas you could take from Sharon’s great page – I’ll be interested to see what sparks your imagination. Be sure to post your page in Saturday Scraplift Challenge Gallery and in the June Challenge Participation Sign-in thread in the forum. Happy scrapping!


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