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Project Life is a huge project and a huge committment. And getting behind can be daunting. I’ve been struggling with staying motivated and thought I would share with you how I overcame that.

I spent this last weekend putting off Project Life. I’m doing it as a hybrid project and I’m over a month behind. It was overwhelming to be behind and I didn’t know where to start. So after wasting two more days avoiding it, I finally sat down and stared at the computer. And then I remembered the old adage about eating an elephant: “How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer is easy, “One bite at a time.”

So that became my goal – Project Life was my elephant and I had to do just one part at a time. So I printed off pictures for just one week. I didn’t add any text or digi supplies to them. I just printed them. The horizontal photos I printed as 4 x 6s and I printed the vertical ones as 3 x 4s to fit my page protectors.

ddpl1ddpl2That was all I was going to do. But then I slipped the pictures into my binder and realized that that one bite had me almost done with the week. That was all the motivation I needed to take one more bite – I pulled out some DD 3×4 cards that I had already printed out.


Life List Cards No. 01

And you guessed it – that led me to one more bite. I typed up my journaling and added it. And that led me to adding the weekly number card and throwing in one of Ali’s Heart Box cards. And I suddenly had an entire week done in under 30 minutes. It’s very simple but it’s done!


Supplies: Hello Heart 3×4 Brushes and Stamps, Life List Cards No. 01, Basic Journalers No. 01, Cathy Zielske’s 52 Weeks Vol. 01B, In Text Paper Pack No. 01

So that’s what worked to get me totally motivated to get back into Project Life. I just had to take that first bite and now I’m excited to finish the other 4 weeks.

I’d love to know what motivates you. I asked some of our CT members what helps them stay motivated and here’s what a couple of them said.

Bailey said, “Keep it simple, and letting myself off the hook. You know, when you don’t really LOVE the page for that week, but it’s done and when the year is over, you will LOVE that page because it’s done, and your memories are on it!! Remembering that I dont HAVE to embelish every spot!”

Jenelle said, “The look on my boys’ faces as they flip through our PL folder is enough to keep me motivated. Their eyes light up as they scan each page and my eldest laughs so hard when he reads out the little quotes I’ve recorded them saying. And because I’ve made it a family project, they often ask if I can take a photo of them while they’re doing something, so we can put in ‘the special book.’”

And Doris’ story touched my heart, “A while back I added my 30 daily thankful thoughts to my Project life pages. In addition to printing them up as PL pages I made that little book to highlight each one of them. Well there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t look at that month just to see the Thankful thoughts but more importantly we lost our dog about two months after I finished it. So grateful to have captured our life and my appreciation of a beloved member of our family.”

I hope these tips help you stay motivated to work on Project Life or any long-term projects you’re working on.

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