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I am so impressed by all the fabulous pages in the PL gallery here at DD. We have some new members who have recently began this special project and I am totally inspired by their layouts! A busy summer has taken it’s toil on my Project. I am a good bit behind, but haven’t thrown in the towel. I do need to simplify my approach in creating PL pages. I’d like to share my strategy with you…
1. Focus on the highlights when choosing photos. – This is one of the most overwhelming parts for me. I take so many photos in one week and I don’t know which ones to include or to leave out. This can be very time consuming. My new strategy is to take a quick look at my photos from the week and just start pulling the ones that I like and tell our story. I told my self I had 20 seconds to make a decision about each photo as I was bringing them over to Photo Shop.  This saved so much time and I didn’t get caught in the trap of over thinking.

2. Choose a color scheme to use throughout – Our DD designers have created beautiful supplies for Project Life. I chose to use the Soleil line by Andrea Victoria. This helped unify the spread and I didn’t have to make any more color choices once this decision was made.

Soleil Journal Cards
Soleil Solid Paper Pack
3. Embelish less – This is a tricky one for me because I love adding goodies to my page. This strategy will also save me time. I do have some embellishing on this week’s spread, but not nearly as much. I seem to always add a banner of some sort. I love banners.  One of my favorite banners is Banner Twine Templates No. 1 by Katie Pertiet.

Banner Twine Templates No 1
Steph started a thread about PL today in the forums.  I would love to hear your thoughts on how you simplify when creating your spreads. Here is a closer look at my pages.  You can find a complete supply list in my gallery when I post there later today.  Today is my youngest son’s 4th birthday. Time to go make some memories and take photos for my next PL spread! Thanks for looking!



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