Project Life: Reaching for the Ready Mades

week_22_spread_webHi there! How are all you PL’ers keeping up? I think there are more of us behind than caught up, but that’s okay. We will catch up eventually. I am so excited about having an entire year documented! What do you reach for most often when creating your spreads? I reach for the Ready Made Journalers by Studio DD. Our very own Kayleigh designs the cutest pocket cards. These detailed cards are usually my starting point. They speed up the process of making my spreads without compromising that detailed look I’m going for each week. I’m not too worried about everything matching perfectly in PL, but using these Ready Made Journalers helps unify the spread. That is very important to me. Documenting five people tends to make my pages quite busy so I like tying it all together with these journalers. Sometimes I use them as journalers and other times I simply leave them the way they are. I look forward to seeing more of these coming to the store and I also look forward to seeing your pages in the PL gallery!

week_22_a_webweek_22_side_b_webHere are a few items that made this spread come together in a snap…
Of course – Ready Made Journalers: Everyday No. 3

ready_made_for_blog_1Ready Made Journalers: For the Week

ready_made_for_blog_2Stitched Talk Bubbles No. 1

ready_made_for_blog_3Layered Photo Sets No. 1


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