Project Life: It’s about your life

We recently had a lengthy discussion in the forums about what Project Life means to everybody. It was really interesting to read how different people approach the subject. To me the fact that it’s called Project LIFE makes all the difference. In the past I tried to improve my photography and Project 365 was a great way to do that. I thoroughly enjoyed that side and I still do. Now though I want to concentrate on the LIFE part, so I am using whatever I can find to use on my pages. I always ask the girls to send me their camera shots (if I can get them to agree) or I find things they post on Facebook. Whatever tells about the story is fine with me. On our recent Vegas trip we went to a show and I took a Iphone shot of the ticket to the Elvis show we attended. I simply cropped it to make it look like a ticket.


Of course I am creating my pages 100% digitally. For you hybrid people it would have been simple to just include the tickets on your pages.

Here I found an article in a magazine with a photo I liked, so I captured it with my Iphone while in the waiting room


Again, I want to be able to remember events in future years, not admire my photography smile

As for the design I am using Katie’s Pocket Pages throughout and I just love them.

Sometimes though I have to ignore the pockets and add frame clusters to accommodate multiple photos for the same day. It’s really simple, I just layer them on the top of everything, I like the look
I also like to break up the square design with different things. I really like the new circular clusters by Studio DD
or the cute banners

they are so fun to layer over top of the page smile


Well, I hope you are still hanging on with your project! I know it can become tedious and   repetitive but just think what a great reward when you will be able to hold your finished book in your hands in years to come and have all those fabulous memories!

See you in the Project Live gallery smile

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