Project Life: Is it a grind?

If you are anything like me, you have gotten behind on your project at least once 🙁
I know I just spent the last couple of weeks trying to catch up and get all my journaling on paper, before I completely forget what we did those weeks.

Having a busy household and other things going on in your life (like buying a house wink) does not help matters, does it?

There are a couple of things that have really helped me catch up:

I use the same templates for every week. Look at the orientation of your photos, then look at the templates available, pick and use! Easy peasy, right? Like many of you, I have chosen Katie’s darling Pocket Pages for my weeks. They are easy and versatile!
The designers at DD are always creating the cutest things to fill up any extra openings on your templates. I was able to just pick a few really cute clusters from Studio DD and plop them right in the spaces available and that worked perfectly! For you hybrid people it would still work if you printed them onto the cards you use.
One of my big things is organization. I use ACDSee like so many of you and I have one category I call Project Life (amazing, isn’t it? smile) Everything I see that would be the slightest bit usable for my pages, goes in there. I have circle clusters, banners, WA, stamps, lots of different things. Just looking through the items in that category really inspires me and gives me a little jump start, not to mention the ease! Now I do admit, I have a little bit of an advantage, every week I get to see the beautiful new creations coming out that week and a lot of my inspiration comes from those. There is always something that works for my page of that particular week.

Again, organization is key. It would probably be a good idea to have your photos organized in some fashion also. I use Lightroom and I have all my photos listed by day at least. I can then compare the notes I try to keep every day to the photos and pick one out that matches (okay, sometimes it doesn’t and then I just pick a neutral picture, like a pretty flower or something like that)

I must admit, getting all those pages done wasn’t as much fun as the project usually is, but now I am done and ready for the next set! I hope you won’t get discouraged on your journey and I hope you are always staying on track, but if you don’t, don’t despair! You can get there, you can catch up and you will be so happy you did!!!

I can’t wait to see your pages in the Project Life Gallery!


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