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Welcome to the final Project Life post of the year! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been working on this same album for an entire year – it has flown by. As I start to work on the last month in my album, I thought I’d leave you with some thoughts about what I’ve loved about this project, some thoughts from some of the other CT members and what I will change for next year.

First, I’ve loved the entire process of this album! My album is a hybrid project because my kids have been helping with the journaling and we decided as a family to use the project as the place to contain all of our ephemera from the year. I use a ton of DD products in my layouts by printing them out on cardstock and I love how versatile that makes this hybrid project for my family.

week9_2ddpl4Some of my favorite products to use this year have been:

pl1Week in Review Cards No. 01

pl2Life Sentiment Cards Vol. 02 Brushes and Stamps

pl3Hello Heart 3×4 Boxes Brushes and Stamps


Pocket Cards: 4×6 Pattern Masks No. 02

For 2013, I am going to do things a bit differently. As much as I love having my kids involved with the journaling, if it was up to me, I would definitely love to do an all-digital Project Life album. But because they want to stay involved, the one thing I’m going to keep doing is the hybrid part. But I’m going to organize my album and my layouts monthly, instead of weekly. It still gives the kids the ability to be as involved as they want but it will involve a bit less printing for me. I find that I dread sitting down to print everything out and make a mess every week so I’m hoping that doing a monthly layout will ease some of that print fatigue for me.

Interestingly enough, though, our CT’s own Lisa Pate’s take on Project Life this year involves just the opposite. “Next year I think I’m going to go more hybrid with my project (to help me print more often)…but I guess we will see I love the the all digi option too.” I can’t wait to see how Lisa likes the hybrid option.

Creative Team member, Jenelle, had a similar experience to mine. “This was my first year doing PL and I started out doing hybrid, but by the middle of the year I converted to full digital and have just been adding papers/memorabilia into plastic pockets or envelopes throughout the folder. Next year I think I will continue doing full digital as I am so thrilled having nearly finished a whole year (I don’t usually stick to projects!). I also vary pages week to week – sometimes double pages, sometimes single. No pressure on myself was the key I think. As long as I kept jotting down our daily events on a notepad, then it was always there for me to go back and do.”

I would love to hear how you feel now that the year is coming to a close and what you might do differently or keep the same for the coming year. Join us in the forums for an end-of-the-year chat about Project Life!


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