Project Life: Documenting You

Hey you. Yes you. I know you. You are the memory keeper, the photographer and the scrapbooker. If you are anything like me, you do some AAM challenges (Thanks Steph!) but rarely ever print them out as you are waiting for there to be enough pages to print. You may even do Project Life. Then you read the comments of your uploaded pages and lovely friends (hi Carol!) point out that you are not actually in the layout!

A few weeks ago, Steph posted this fantastic thread in the forum. The question she asked was “How do you feel about Project Life?”

There were so many amazing comments and responses but when I read Maureen’s comment, where she said “I’ve really enjoyed documenting the minutia of our life. I had a hard time thinking about this concept in several of Ali’s classes/ projects where she asks ” what would you ask or want to know about your grandmother’s life?’. It stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t stop thinking. Seriously thinking. Yes, I was documenting my family. Yes I was taking photos. Yes I was telling our story. But. What about me? Is my story really being told? Why isn’t there many pages of me? How will my grandkids (crossing my fingers I get 20 or so years!) know anything about me?
Now, here’s where we may be different. If you are documenting everything about your family including your stories. Good for you. If you regularly hand over the camera, another high five for you. If you are completely happy with how you are being depicted (photos included), then keep going.

For anyone with even the teeniest bit of doubt, I’m throwing down a challenge: Document you. Do one current page solely about you, list your favourite things, meals, movies, books, moments, things that make you laugh, what you love and what you don’t love. You could use one of your AAM pages. You could add it to the week’s stories or you could be the week’s story. It could be a page just of photos of you with no story. It really doesn’t matter. Just be sure you are not just recording memories but that you are part of them.
Then when you are done your page, pat yourself on the back, put the page in the project life binder.
You are important. Don’t let your story get lost.
Here is my page.

PLYOUWhen you create your page, do post it in our Project Life Gallery. I can’t wait to see yours!

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