Saturday Scraplift Challenge: Ripped

Happy Saturday! I have a really cool page by Carol (carollee) for you to lift today

Isn’t it just fun? (And I don’t mean just the hilarious photo) I love the ripped edges and awesome background and the writing on the different levels.
A couple of our CTs came up with some great lifts:

This one is by Lynnie (grandma lynnie)

Omg, it’s so funny, I love the little jokes she placed on the different papers and the colors she picked from the photo are just awesome!  I also like that she used the whole background for her fun photo. Here is what she used:
Torn Templates No. 02, Graphed Notebook Paper Pack No. 02, Lightly Linens PP No 8,
Clear-Thru Arrows No. 02, Jelly Alphabet No. 46

Shannon (shannonroller) came up with this awesome page:

I love the wood background, so perfect for a picture from a ballgame. I also like how she tucked the photo between the two layers and the colors are awesome. She used these items:
Floramira Bundle, Vintage Blendable Palettes No. 1, Watercolor Page Titles No. 5 ,My Family Genealogy Records Brushes and Stamps No. 03, Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01, Reverse Words Stickers-n-Stamps No. 02, Lightly Linens Paper Pack No. 05, Painted Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 11, Torn Templates No. 01

Here is the page I created

I decided to run the ripped papers vertically and I changed colors to go with my photo
K. Pertiet:
Floramira solids, Floramira elements,Ripped Cardstock Krafty No. 1
Some items from Eventful Day template
There are so many possibilities with these ripped edges and they look so fun. I hope you are feeling inspired and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with. Please don’t forget to post your finished pages in the Saturday Scraplift gallery and also in the August Challenge Participation Thread,  just make sure to be using all Designer Digital supplies. Enjoy!

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Let’s Blend Challenge – Blending Patterned Papers

Hello and welcome to this month’s Let’s Blend Challenge.  I am a texture/solid paper kind of gal. Just the other day, I was playing around with patterned papers and decided to try blending them together, and the challenge was born!

On this page, I used three different patterned papers to create one background paper. I started with Great Escapes Solid Paper No. 2, and placed the Great Escapes Bonus Paper above it and applied the multiply blend mode. It looked like this:

On the layer above it, I then clipped the Great Escapes ARToptions No. 3 paper to a page blend, and kept the blend mode at normal. The finished background looked like this:

I liked how the top layer gave me the perfect space to place my photo. I added embellishments and some word art and was done!

Depending on your paper choices, different blend modes will change how your background looks. Play around with them…I know I say this a lot, but it’s the only way to get the look you want.

Here is the finished page and the products I used: Finelines Border Lines No. 5, Meriam Ridge Element Pack, Vintage Photo Frames No. 1s, Vintage Garden Element Pack, Page Blends No. 3, Great Escape Paper Pack.

You can use all or some of the products Katie has provided in the freebie pack. When you complete your page, post them in the Mask Appeal Challenge Gallery and don’t forget to link up your page in the August Participation Thread for proper credit.

I look forward to seeing your work in the gallery. Have fun!




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Colour Challenge: Washed out Summer

Happy end of summer everyone! Although I’m sad to see the days getting shorter and the nights getting chillier, we have had such a great summer with beautiful weather and lots of time outside. For this month Colour challenge, I was really inspired By Katie’s brand new graphed papers that showcase the washed out end of summer colors that remind me of days on the beach. Think beach pastels, sea glass, and moving into lighter fall colours!

Here are a few photos that will hopefully inspire you to create a page using these colors. 

Photo credit

Photo credit

Photo credit

A few of our CT Members joined in the challenge and came up with some wonderful pages to showcase these washed out summer colours.

I knew that Liz (lizziet5) would be all over this one and her page is spectacular. I really love how she layered the background papers, and seriously, those boys!!!!

Here are the supplies that Liz used: ARToptions Splash Paper Pack No. 02, 
Graphed Notebook Paper Pack No. 01, Graphed Notebook Paper Pack No. 02, 
Torn Classic White Photo Frames No. 03, Elastic Cords No. 01, Watery Grids Brushes and Stamps No. 08, Painted Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 11, Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 07, Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 08, ARToption Mini Mix No. 07 , Reverse Words Stickers-n-Stamps No. 03, Elastic Cords No. 01, Great Getaway Element Pack, Moonlight Dreams Element Pack, Monthly Memories Vol. 02: Element Pack No. 08, Monthly Memories Vol. 02: Element Pack No. 08, Monthly Memories Vol. 02: Element Pack No. 02.

Tammy also joined in the fun and created this page of the beautiful Robin eggs. Love how she blended the colours on the side of the page.

Here is a list of Tammy’s products: ** Coming Soon ** Spill Frame Layers No 29, Readymade Layers: Neutral Clusters No. 01 slightly recolored, Graphed Notebook Paper Pack No. 01, Graphed Notebook Paper Pack No. 02, Sprayed Filmstrips Brushes and Stamps recolored, Watery Maps Brushes and Stamps No. 06, Fine Lines Border Lines , Brushes and Stamps No. 11.

Shannon also joined in and created a PL page with subtle colours. 

Shannon’s product list is here: Readymade Layers Natural Clusters No. 1 (coming soon), Inspiration 012919 template, Blendable Layers No. 104, Cambrianna Element Pack, Graphed Notebook Paper Pack No. 02, Counting Weeks 2019 4×6 Photo Borders No. 01.

I hope these pages have inspired you to create some washed out summer colour pages! Remember that if you post using 100% DD products, your page qualifies for the rewards program. Please post your pages in the August 2019 Challenge Participation Thread!

Happy Scrapping!



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Second August Template Mashup Challenge

I am excited to be choosing the templates to mash for the latest challenge! I considered templates of different themes but finally just chose two templates that I really like! I hope you will like them too and will enjoy mashing them together as much as our Creative Team did!

Documenting her daughter’s wonderful trip, Wendy went with the travel theme of the Blendable template and added in some elements of the Sweet Life.

In addition to the templates, Wendy used Lightly Linens Paper Pack No 1, Watercolor Chromatics Roughed Up Photo Mats No 1 and Watery Words Colored Transfers and BONUS Brushes No 3

The Sweet Life title is perfect to accompany these adorable photos on Addie’s page. Would you say this little guy is enjoying those puddles?

Addie also used Monthly Memories Vol 2: Foundatios No 1 and Vintage Photo Frames No 39.

Tammie Lynne must live in a gorgeous place because her pages always include stunning photos. This one is no exception! Wow! She only used elements from the two templates on her page!

I seem to have an overabundance of photos from our recent anniversary, so I used this opportunity to scrap a few more! I tried to use as many of the template elements as I could.

I also used Lightly Linens No 3, Jelly Alphabet No 41 and Beloved Element Pack.

We hope you will be inspired to join us and mash these two fun templates. They will be included in this week’s sale. We’ll be watching the Template Challenge Gallery for your pages!


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itunes: Layers of meaning

Hiya, and welcome to this month’s itunes challenge. It’s the end of the school holidays here, we’ve all gone back today, but it’s not the end of summer yet. Plenty of time for scrapping those happy memories!

This month I was drawn to album covers using overlays, and chose this one by Taylor Swift.

There’s a lot to be inspired by here. It’s a deceptively simple design which looks great in black and white. I love the gradient from blank on the left to busy text on the right. The choice of fonts too, could inspire you to create a memorable title. Notice how the overlay sits in front of the photo.

Liz (Lizziet5) was happy to create a page for the challenge, and what a stunner! Her daughter is so pretty, and deserves a full page photo. I love the wordart Liz chose to emphasise her can-do attitude, the page bursts with energy! It’s a perfect colour scheme for summer too, with all that light denim blue.

Liz used Far and Wide Sentiments Brushes and Stamps; Far and Wide Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 02; Loosely Scripted Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 07; Messed Up Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 02; Watercolor Page Titles Brushes and Stamps No. 02; Watercolor Word Blocks Brushes and Stamps No. 01; Big Brushed Page Titles Brushes and Stamps No. 01; Watercolor Page Titles Brushes and Stamps No. 04 ; We are Blessed Brushes and Stamps; Cutting Files: Chunky Cuts Love No. 02; Fine Lines Border Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 12; Hand Scripted Brushes and Stamps No. 06; Hand Scripted Brushes and Stamps No. 07

Sylvia chose a gorgeous group shot to showcase. I love the vibrant red echoed in the glasses, and the depth created by the overlay. Sylvia created a great effect with the wordart in the lower section of the page too.

Sylvia used Graphed Notebook Paper Packs No3; Lightly Linens No8; Watery Typecast Blends Brushes and Stamps No. 03; Vintage Christmas Element Pack; Heart Pebbles No. 04.

I decided to use a fun photo from earlier in the summer when friends of ours hosted a barbecue. We’ve known this group of people since our University days, and it’s fun to catch up with each other, see how our lives are going. Many of us now have kids, and I love seeing them play together.

I used challenge freebie; Say Hello Family Brushes and Stamps;
Textured Cardstock: Ridge Paper Pack

Now it’s your turn, we’d love to see your pages inspired by this album cover. Katie’s generously provided a freebie for the challenge. Post your pages in the iTunes Inspiration gallery. Remember to keep track of your pages using 100% Designer Digitals products in our rewards scheme participation thread.

Happy scrapping!

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Saturday Scraplift: Elements with Meaning

When I was teaching English, discussions with my students about literature always included the details an author uses to support, extend, and enhance his meaning. When I’m scrapping, I’m always thinking about which elements will help to convey the message of my page, and part of the fun of this hobby of ours is the search for exactly the right brush, button, or sticker. When Audrey (adrianita) posted this gorgeous page over a month ago for the Color Challenge, it immediately went into my favorites because I loved the downward arrows that echoed the setting sun and her two-toned title that pulled colors from her sweet photos. It’s absolute perfection! Three of my fellow Creative Team members eagerly volunteered to lift Audrey’s page, and I think you’ll find lots of inspiration in their designs.

Audrey’s page:


Grace (GraceJ) scrapped a photo of a caterpillar and journaled about the anticipation of seeing a chrysalis appear. I love her allusion to the very hungry caterpillar and her use of the butterflies in the background to suggest what form the caterpillar will eventually assume. Even her positioning of the photo on the page is intentional so that the butterflies take flight from the caterpillar.

Credits: Christmas Gardens Solids Paper Pack;  Painted Butterfly Layers No. 01; Watery Wings Brushes and Stamps No. 04; On the Edge Flourishes Brushes and Stamps No. 13; Almost Spring Element Pack; Collageables No. 02; Darling Baby Element Pack; Spring Fields Element Pack; Monthly Memories Element Pack No. 04; Sun Porch Element Pack; Hamilton Mini Kit

Tammie Lynne (tammielsmith) featured a photo on her page of the beautiful scenery in her part of this glorious country – certainly makes me want to visit! Notice how she borrowed Audrey’s use of arrows but reversed their direction to suggest the rising elevations of the mountains. She even turned her title 90 degrees to continue the upward motion of her page.

 Credits: Vintage Mini Mix No. 12; Hinged Photo Frames No. 06; Floresta Scrapbooking Kit; Monthly Memories Vol. 02: Foundations No. 08; Vintage Mini Mix Kit No. 02; December Woods Element Pack; Tightly Kerned Titles Brushes and Stamps No. 05

Agnieszka (Arte Banale) also lives in an area of stunning beauty, and I always enjoy hiking vicariously with her (goodness knows, it’s the only kind of hiking I do!). The arrows she used go in both directions, underscoring the up and down nature of roaming the mountains. Her main color palette mimics the shades of nature, but I love how she pulled those pops of red from her photo.

Credits: Adventuring Scrapbooking Collection; Pinned Wood Veneers No. 01; Cut Ups: Traveler No. 01; Hand Scripted Traveler Brushes and Stamps No. 01; Destination Quotes Brushes and Stamps No. 01; Watery Grids Brushes and Stamps No. 07

I hope you’ll play along with us this weekend by lifting Audrey’s lovely page, and while you’re at it, consider what elements will best convey the message of your design. Can’t wait to see what you create! Remember to post your page in the Saturday Scraplift Challenge Gallery as well as in the August Challenge Participation thread in the forum. Happy scrapping!


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How to Fill Watery Photo Masks with Gradients in Photoshop and PSE [Video]

This week’s Adobe Photoshop or Elements tip of the week is now available on video. This weeks tip is on How to Fill Watery Photo Masks with Gradients in Photoshop and PSE.

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Dog Days of Summer-A Wayback Wednesday Challenge

This time of year is traditionally called the “dog days” of summer. I looked it up and found that this hot humid time of year (in the northern hemisphere!) is called this because it coincides with the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. Did you know this? I sure didn’t! Anyway, while looking for some of Katie’s great products to feature for this month’s Wayback Wednesday Challenge, I decided to be very literal and choose her wonderful Puppy Power products.

As you can see, these products have delightful colors, papers and elements to make your pages full of fun. Our Creative Team members have designed pages to spark your creativity in ways to use these great products. They can be pet related but, as you will see, there are ways to use these items even if you don’t have a pet!

Let’s start off with Amy’s adorable Sweet Girl. She used lots of Puppy Power elements here to design this doggone cute page!

In addition to the Puppy Power kit, Amy used Naturally Krafty No. 09 Paper Pack, Scallop Strip Masks No. 02 and Starry Banners No. 02

Sara decided to include lots of photo of her puppy’s sweet little face. And again, she used lots of the great elements from the Puppy Power kit!

An addition to the Puppy Power kit, Sara used  Layer Works No 598 and Fine Line Border Lines Brushes and Stamps.

Merrilee (digigrandma) chose to use these wonderful shapes to include the faces of her son’s three dogs! I really like the way she filled the shapes with paper to repeat the paper she used for a border.

In addition to the Puppy Power kit,  Merrilee also used Hello Happiness Brushes and Stamps, Watery Alpha No 7, Striping Love Brushes and Stamps No 1, Blue Bird Little Enamel Charms, Splatters Brushes and Stamps No 3, Clean Stitched Borders White No 2 and Stitched Geometrics No 2.

Liz has a great story to tell about her two best friend pets-a cat and a dog! I love the way she has told their cute story!

In addition to the Puppy Power Kit, Liz used We Love You Brushes and Stamps. Botanique Element Pack No 1, Fastener Basics No 1, DocuStacks No 1, Artsy Grunge Clusters Brushes, Stamps and Layers No 1,Blendable Layers No 19, Watery Circles Brushes and Stamps No 1 and Watery Brushes and Stamps No 4

And last but not least, I promised you a page that isn’t about a dog (well, not exactly!) Sarah (sterkeurs) put together this totally charming page about her daughter’s favorite funny face. This is just TOO cute!

In addition to the Puppy Power kit, Sarah used Fine Lines Page Titles No 20 Brushes and Stamps.

I hope you are inspired by these terrific pages designed by our Creative Team. If you are, we’d love to see your pages using the Puppy Power products in our Scrapbook Challenges gallery! The Puppy Power products will also be on sale this week to make it even easier for you! Happy Scrapping during these Dog Days of Summer!

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Saturday Scraplift: Getting Our Graphic On

Good morning! Time for this week’s Saturday Scraplift. I chose a layout by Lori Ann (lmaggs) that really caught my eye with all the cool graphic details. And could her granddaughter be any cuter? After last week’s soft blending, I thought this would be a fun change. Lots of inspiration here and our creative team had a lot of fun lifting this one.

First up this week is Linda (earlofoxford) with this awesome “winning” page. 🙂 I absolutely adore the colors and the whimsy here but truth be told, it’s the photo that makes this page. So fun!

Patterning Palettes No. 02 Paper Pack, Color Essentials Lime Ribbons and More
Deer Lodge Solids Paper Pack, Painted Bursts Overlays No. 03, Candied Christmas Roughed Up Photo Mats, Country Christmas Roughed Up Photo Mats, Everlasting Roughed Up Photo Mats, Roughed Up Photo Mats: Holiday No. 01, Color Essentials Turquoise Ribbons and More, Spring Meadows Roughed Up Photo Mats, North Pole Roughed Up Photo Mats, Watercolor Rainbow Patterns Roughed Up Photo Mats No. 01
Tropical Christmas Paper Pack, White Sticker Alphabet No. 02, Hinge Pack, Torn Classic White Photo Frames No. 02, Paper Clips No. 01, Drop Shadow Styles No. 02, Sylt Paper Pack

Tammie (tammielsmith) is up next with this stunning outdoor page. She is the master at these pages. Probably helps that she lives in such a beautiful part of the country. Tammie used a bias cut for her background and added great elements to enhance the theme of the page.

Hike More Outdoors Scrapbook Kit, Great Escape Solids Paper Pack, Border Stamps and Layers No. 04, Watercolor Page Titles Brushes and Stamps No. 03

Frankly, I’m a bit surprised Grace’s (GraceJ) son let her snap these pics. Such a big moment. Love that she was able to document it and congrats on the new job!

Blendable Layers No. 103Lightly Linens Paper Pack No. 05, Inspiration 03/24/2018

Finally, Lynn (grandma lynnie) was inspired to make this fun page. I have to say, they sure know how to do a trivia night! Love the color palette and of course their outfits. Sure hope they won!

Everlasting Add-On Paper Pack, Moonlight Dreams Paper Pack, Modern Vintage Simplicity Paper Strips No. 01, Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01, 
Vintage Flashcards Photographs, Christmas Lodge Scrapbooking Kit
Lemon Zest Element Pack, Jelly Alphabet No. 15, Bead Scatterings No. 02
Elastic Cords No. 03

Looking forward to seeing how this graphic page inspires you! Please be sure to post your page in the Saturday Scraplift Gallery. If you use 100% DD products, your page qualifies for the rewards program. Please post your pages in the August 2019 Challenge Participation Thread. Enjoy your weekend.

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Get Inspired Challenge: Vintage Flashcards

Morning all! One of the lovely things about scrapping is being able to cozy up with a cuppa on a rainy Winter’s day, which we’ve had a few of here in Perth just lately, and look through your older albums. It’s nice to reminisce, but sometimes you are also reminded of a cool element that you haven’t used in a while.
I came across these two layouts of Tully back in 2015, and I was reminded of how much I love those vintage flashcards.

The first one uses one of Katie’s Vintage Flashcard Alphas – no. 3.

I used it as a photo mat, tucking the photo under a photo wrap to “hold it on”.

The second uses the Another Year Flashcards

This time I used it to form part of the horizontal composition, tucking it behind the photo slightly and using lots of elements on top of and behind to add depth to the page.

I got to thinking about all the vintage flashcards in the store and other ways they might be used (do a store search for ‘Vintage Flashcard’ and check them all out!). You could punch holes in them and turn them into tags, you could thread them on string, you could staple, clip or peg them onto all manner of other elements. You could tie them into bundles, decorate them, use them as titles or as part of your journaling.

Late last month I challenged our then guest CT members to use them in a layout.

Kathy (Blackkathy) used the same Vintage Flashcard alpha to spell out part of her title, stacking and fanning the cards to do so – cuteness!

Lori (lmaggs) used Vintage Flashcards: Winter in this beautiful heritage layout, shrinking the cards down a little to add her thoughts to the page – gorgeous!

I rummaged around for some photos and this is what I came up with.

Here I wanted to make a ‘bundle’ of cards tied together with string. I used Vintage Flashcards Photographs and used two versions of bakers twine to ‘tie them together’. I extracted the knot loop and placed it over a key element to make it look as though the key was tied on as well. Then I tucked my photo in, as well as a small tag and a ‘T’ for Tully.

I was looking through the Vintage Flashcards: Traveler No.2 set, and it occurred to me that I could certainly use some of them as part of a title for a page using photos from my recent trip to Sri Lanka. I began by placing four flashcards on the page with the idea of using them as a background. Once I had put the photo cluster on the top, I could see that it would work to have the title split in two – top and bottom. The white space on the flashcards allows you to add a word, as I did here with the work ‘tea’. The white space on the top card provided just enough space for some explanatory journaling. A few elements and some spilt tea leaves and it was done!

For my last example, I used a flashcard from the My Family Genealogy Flashcard Words set. I wanted to title the page “Sister, Sister”, so I duplicated the card and used one vertically and the other horizontally. For this one I punched a hole in the corner of the photo and in the top of the flashcard and threaded them onto a string. I think this is my favourite one!

What could you do with a vintage flashcard? Your challenge is to use any of the vintage flashcards available in the store on a layout. There will be a few sets in the sale this week 😉

Please post your layout in the Scrapbook Challenge Gallery. I can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas you come up with!
Don’t forget to add your 100% DD layout to the August Challenge Participation Sign-in thread to earn store rewards!

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