Espresso Mini Kit and Harvest of Memories Sale at DesignerDigitals

Today is day 4 of our Harvest of Memories Sale. Over 4,000 fall themed items are 40% off and we have a brand new $ 99 cent Mini-Kit. The sale ends at 6am EST on Friday and today’s $ 99 cent item is at that price until 6am EST on Wednesday so don’t miss out!

Today’s $ 99 cent special is: Espresso Mini Kit


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AAM Challenge

This month for the AAM Challenge, we will be talking about your anthem….. a song that simply speaks to you either through the lyrics or the music. It might be the song that when you are running or walking that just keeps pushing  you ahead or a song that you identify with the lyrics….or simply a song that makes you smile.

Our first example is from  Kim  The super popular song Happy by Pharrell speaks to her. I love her use of white space and the turquoise and orange color combination. The addition of the musical notes is perfect.Happy-wFor Kim’s  happy page she used these items: Heart Happy Brushes and Stamps, Arctic White Paper Pack No 2, Artsy Botanical: Cerrel Value Pack, Assorted Messy Stitches: White No 3, Fastener Basics No 1, Flair Minis No. 02, Fringe Brushes and Stamps No. 1, Musical Epoxies No 1, Sliver Glitter Splatters No 1, Starburst Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Vintage Photo Frames No 26

Carol’s page is brilliant…..literally.  Her use of the bright sun and starbursts is splendid and the lyrics resonate with me as well. Lots of good advice that we could all listen to.

Carols list of supplies include: Sunshine Ahead Kit, Starburst Brushes and Stamps No 02, Drawn Sentiment Spots Brushes and Stamps No 02, Splatters Brushes and Stamps No 03, Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No 02, Scribbled Overlays No. o2, Sunshine Melts Paper Pack.

For my page I,  Pam  used a song that helps me when I walk/jog on the treadmill. When this song comes up on my playlist it gives me the extra energy to go the distance. The lyrics speak to me as well….we aren’t going to live forever, so we need to live while we are alive.

It's My Life

My list of supplies include: Monochromatics Spice Blendables, Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Flare Sprays Brushes and Stamps No. 01, Monochromatics Forest Blends, Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 02, Gesso No. 01 Brushes and Stamps, Drawn Chevrons Harvest Paper Pack, Textured Cardstock: Neutra Paper Pack, Apple Cider Mini Kit, Starburst Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Old Ledger Neutrals Paper Pack, Story Guide No. 06a  Layered Template, Readymade Borders: Fall No. 02, Malabar Kit –  Title Alphabet, Wood Veneer Symbology 01, Bursting Words Brushes and Stamps No 04, Metsa Elements, Scribbled Overlays No 02.

Post your pages in the AAM Challenge Gallery   and if you use all DD products on your page it will qualify for the rewards program so don’t forget to add your link to the October Challenge Participation thread in the forum so you can earn a great coupon code!

Thanks for participating and I can’t wait to see what your anthem is!!!


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Golden Pond Mini Kit and Harvest of Memories Sale at DesignerDigitals

Today is day 3 of our Harvest of Memories Sale. Over 4,000 fall themed items are 40% off and we have a brand new $ 99 cent Mini-Kit. The sale ends at 6am EST on Friday and today’s $ 99 cent item is at that price until 6am EST on Tuesday so don’t miss out!

Today’s $ 99 cent special is: Golden Pond Mini Kit


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Saturday Scraplift: Round and round the garden

Hiya, it’s Saturday again. This week I’ve chosen this great page by Trishaf. I love circles on scrapbook pages, such a great design element. Love the leaves peeping, and the use of patterned paper.


Kim and Beckie from the creative team jumped at the chance of lifting the page, and I love how different their pages are!

Kim created this lovely page as a title page for her Project Life project, check out the credit list!! It’s a gorgeous page, love the white background, and black and white photos with the bright accents. PL_2014_Title_Page_blog

Credits: This Really Happened Brushes and Stamps; Jelly Alphabet No. 14; Booberry Paper Pack; Simple Patterns No. 01 Paper Pack; Simple Patterns No. 02 Paper Pack; Tiny Dots No. 02 Paper Pack; Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 02; Artsy Botanical: Cerrel Value Pack; Carte Post Element Pack; Catching Rainbows Element Pack; Charted Layered Template No. 01; Color My Love Add-on Paper Pack; Duncan Solids Paper Pack; Metal Clip Assortment; Page Cuts No. 02; Pebbled Universal No. 01; Pinned: Enamel Stars No. 01; Red, Black and Creme Kit; Silver Glitter Splatters No. 01; Stitched Circles Clean and Messy: White No. 1 Value Pack; Striped Mix: Rainbow Paper Pack No. 01; Sun Porch Element Pack; Ticketed Dates No. 03; French Summer Kit; Jelly Alphabet No. 11; Jelly Alphabet No. 14; Jelly Alphabet No. 17; Jelly Alphabet No. 25; Linen Chevrons Paper Pack No. 05.

Beckie took the circles and fall theme as inspiration, I love the off-centred circles and paper strips.leaves_web1_blog

Credits: Apple Cider Mini Kit; Frame Me No. 02B; Messy Stitched Circles: White No. 01; Hint at It No 11; Feeling Neutral Paper Pack; Hester Kit.

I also loved the circle papers, and combined that with my current obsession with starbursts to create my page of Tom and Matty playing with watering cans.

SSL October_blog

Faringdon kit; Anzio kit; Brilliant Love solids paper pack; Striping Graphic bursts no. 01; Lila bleu kit; watery washes no. 03; Hey there kit; Chalkboard stars no. 01; Totally Trashed woodwork; Mango Skies kit; Dalese kit; Letter Box Garden Song.


I’d love to see where the inspiration takes you! Please post them in the Saturday Scraplift Gallery. Also all pages posted for the challenge, and using 100% Designer Digitals products will be eligible for the rewards program, so don’t forget to keep track of that too in the October Challenge Thread!

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Juiced Mini Kit and Harvest of Memories Sale at DesignerDigitals

Today is day 2 of our Harvest of Memories Sale. Over 4,000 fall themed items are 40% off and we have a brand new $ 99 cent Mini-Kit. The sale ends at 6am EST on Friday and today’s $ 99 cent item is at that price until 6am EST on Monday so don’t miss out!

Today’s $ 99 cent special is: Juiced Mini Kit


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DesignerDigitals Hot Page of the Week, October 18, 2014

Love this page by our guest CT member, Irene. All the woodsy goodness makes you feel like you’re right there with them on their hike! Well done Irene!

Great Outdoors


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Harvest of Memories Sale at DesignerDigitals


Today starts our Harvest of Memories Fall Sale here at DesignerDigitals. Almost 4,000 fall related items are now 40% off! AND we will have a new mini-kit ever day priced at just $ 99 cents! Today’s min-kit is priced that way until 6am EST on Sunday morning, then 20% off during the rest of the sale.

We also have 25 new items priced at 20% off. Those items will be at that price until Midnight on Tuesday.

And here is the NEW $ 99 cent item priced this way until 6am EST Sunday ONLY! Apple Cider Mini Kit


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Page Makeover Challenge: Resized

Welcome to the Makeover Challenge for October! I’ve been trying to do a summary page each month to add into my yearly album. One reason for starting this project was so that I could use the pages for my yearly family calendar. The problem is that my albums are 12×12 and the calendar topper is 11.5×8 which means that I always have to resize them.

For the Makeover Challenge, I chose to do my January calendar topper which meant taking two January summary pages and combining them into one page at a smaller size. These are the original pages:

1JanSummary Jan2

Here is the Calendar topper makeover:


This month Debi (beehive50) shared that she often resizes for her kids’ albums and I love the page that she came up with for this challenge about Dorm Life for her daughter that she took from a 12×12 to an 8.5×11. Debi also gives some tips on her process to keep in mind when resizing!

1408-scb-dorm-move1   1408-scb-dorm-move-resize

I hope that you will join in and try resizing a page. Be creative! Resize a page in your DD gallery to make a card. Or an album cover! For those of you who wish to do a monthly calendar, be sure to grab the calendar bottom freebie that Katie has offered! I look forward to seeing your inspired makeover pages in the Challenge Gallery. If you use all DD products on your page it will be eligible for the rewards program. Don’t forget to add your link to the October Participation Challenge thread in the forum!


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William Elements and Thrifty Thursday at DesignerDigitals

It’s time for Thrifty Thursday here at DesignerDigitals. We will have one item PER DESIGNER marked down to $ 99 cents! That’s 7 special price items + 1026 other items marked down 50%. These specials only last until 6am EST on Friday morning so don’t miss out.

Here are this weeks featured $ 99 cent items:


William Element Pack


Little Bit Of Messy Photo Brushes and Stamps


Cathy Zielske’s Layered Template No. 082


Pavement Paper Pack


Just Linens Paper Pack No. 17


Layer Works No. 249


Kohi Paper Pack

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Template Mash Up Scrapbook Challenge: Apple of my Eye

I’m thrilled to be bringing you a new template mash up scrapbook challenge for your mid week inspiration! Today we’ll be working with Cathy Zielske’s clean lines Cathy Zielske’s Layered Template No. 133 AND Kayleigh Wiles exceptional clustering to create a unique, perhaps autumnal seasonal layout Layer Works No. 484.





Our creative team was up to the challenge of mashing these two distinct styles. They delivered three gorgeous layouts, each with the signature style of the scrapper built in as well. Check out this inspiration!



I love the bold autumnal colors and pattern that Trace has included on her page. She rotated the strip of rectangular design elements from vertical to horizontal and used those spaces for elements and color blocks. And of course, the photo clearly shows us why this title applies in its slightly altered state! Sweet Lincoln and Poppy take center stage.

In addition to the two featured templates, Trace made use of these DD supplies: Hello Autumn Complete Scrapbooking Collection, Jingle Scrapbook Kit, Readymade Borders Fall No. 02.




Sharon used the pretty autumn clusters and anchoring vertical strip to create a soft, sweet page celebrating her granddaughter’s birthday. That photo just melts my heart! Sharon included these products in her design: Apple Cider, Metsa Painted Accents, Blendable Layers No. 7, Readymade Layers Fall Cards, Drawn Chevrons Harvest, Metsa Add On Paper Pack, Printed and Scripted Greetings, Metsa Element Pack.





Mollie’s layouts always enchant me. I love her creative repetition of the vertical strip to create a window pane type of effect for a single photo enlargement. Mollie is a master storyteller, and her use of photo treatment contributes to the mood of the story she tells. Her simple accents from our layer works template are just perfect. In addition, she used: Textured Cardstock: Cape, Textured Cardstock: Citrus Berry, and Watery Fall Pencil Lines No. 02.

I hope that you will consider taking up the challenge to ‘mash’ these two templates to your liking! You can use any additional supplies you’d like…and if they’re all DD supplies, your layout will be eligible for credit in our rewards program! Post your layouts in the Template Challenge Gallery so that we can all share in the inspiration.

Don’t forget that our featured templates will be ON SALE during our Thrifty Thursday promotion this week–so if you don’t already own these versatile products, you can pick them up at a great price tomorrow.

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