Drawn Sentiment Spots Brushes at DesignerDigitals

Hello Friday! Hello New Products! Get inspired to scrapbook with our 30 NEW items designed to help you document your memories and create art! This includes one priced at just $ 99 cents and the rest 20% off, all until Midnight on Tuesday.

And here is the NEW $ 99 cent item priced this way until Midnight EST Tuesday ONLY! Drawn Sentiment Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 04


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How to Use Brushes with Layer Masks in Photoshop and PSE [Video]

This week’s Adobe Photoshop or Elements tip of the week is now available on video. This weeks tip is on How to Use Brushes with Layer Masks in Photoshop and PSE.

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Add some Artsy to your Scrapbooking

Hello There! Katie here, stepping in for the ARTSY Scrapbook Challenge for January!

The challenge this month is to be monochromatic in your page… perhaps with a little artsy-ness thrown in there! Not sure where to start?

Make a splash of RED with the free download

or check out the Monochromatics Series in the store!

And be inspired by these pages from our Creative Team!
Lizj’s page is a soft and serene with an artsy style! I love the watercolor effect on her photo and the use of the watery photo masks! So beautiful!


And Joanne’s page without photos is perfect inspiration for showcasing your love!


And I went into my archives to find some monochromatic inspiration to share with you too! With Poolside and Marshall Point Light and Photographs!




Be inspired to create. Be inspired to scrapbook.

And don’t forget, if you use all DesignerDigitals products you qualify for the Rewards Program! Post your all DesignerDigitals pages to the January Participation Thread  to qualify!

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Bunny Slope Rosy Elements and Thrifty Thursday at DesignerDigitals

It’s time for Thrifty Thursday here at DesignerDigitals. We will have one item PER DESIGNER marked down to $ 99 cents! That’s 7 special price items + 1022 other items marked down 50%. These specials only last until 6am EST on Friday morning so don’t miss out.

Here are this weeks featured $ 99 cent items:


Bunny Slope: Rosy Element Pack


Hello Winter Brushes and Stamps


Helvi Round Snowpocalypse Brushes and Stamps


Ride On Paper Pack


Nordica Brushes and Stamps


Layer Works No. 267


Totally Trashed Winter Paper Pack

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Template Mash-Up Scrapbooking Challenge

Bailey here, with another fun Template Mash-Up  challenge!!! This time the templates have a wintery feel to them but don’t let that hold you back!! Some parts of the world aren’t so wintery right now and I’d LOVE to see these used in many different ways!!! We are Mashing Katie’s Blendables Layered Template No. 16  and Sutdio Double D Layer Works No. 445


We have three fantastic examples to get your creativity flowing!!

This page was created by Scrappie Irene! She used an older black and white photo and the pale blue colors compliment the black and white so nicely! It has such a fun vintage feel to it!!


She used the Studio Double D Curated Studio mix no. 18 Along with the two templates!

Agnieszka created this lovely and warm wintery page by highlighting the photo of the lovely clay houses! It’s simple and evokes such good feelings of winter!!



She used the two DesignerDigitals.com templates along with Winter Artistry Kit and
Frosted Winter Kit by Katie Pertiet.

Sharon took advantage of those Blendable layers and blended her winter snow photo. Her photo invites us right in to the story about her Winter Commute! Lovely page indeed! Makes me wish I was a bit farther north to see some of the pretty white stuff!!!


Sharon used the following products with the two DesignerDigitals.com templates: Katie’s Canvas Cardstocks No. 04, 05, and 08, Anzio Scrapbooking Collection, Winter Peony Kit, and the Life Lines Element Pack.

Sure hope to see lots of Mash-Up’s in the Template Gallery!! Don’t forget, if you use all Designer Digitals products you qualify for the Rewards Program! Post your all DD pages to the January Participation Thread  to qualify! Happy Scrapping!!

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AAM Scrapbooking Challenge: Bucket List (of sorts)

It’s a new year! Did you make any resolutions? I’m afraid that I just don’t have the discipline that it takes for resolutions. I did, however find it fun last year to make a bucket list of sorts. I refer to it as my Bucket List of Things that May or May Not Happen.

This sort of list is actually great fun to make. Start by making a running list and add to it as you think of things throughout the day. This list would be compiled of things that you would actually like to do, see, or accomplish AND things that you would love to be able to do, but know that the odds are probably against you. For me this was “to play the violin like Lyndsey Stirling.” Do I play the violin? No. So, it’s pretty unlikely that this will ever come to be . . . but, hey a girl can dream.  :O)

So, start making your list and write down things that you’d like to do, see, accomplish, etc and be sure to add small, very doable things to the list, too. What’s fun is looking back at that “half serious” list that you made and finding that you actually did some of them without even knowing it.

Now, if you’ve already made a bucket list, don’t let that stop you from making a page. Change it up a bit, put a spin on it or check off that previous list and see how far you’ve come. The idea is to get another AAM page into your book that shows your personality and documents a little more of where you are right now in your life. (Don’t forget to date this one.) Have fun!

Kim and Beckie have joined me in creating pages in hopes of inspiring  you to make your own page.

Kim’s page is so bright and fun. Her list is a perfect blend of adventure, culture, fun and romance. So many great things here!


Kim used these products to create her page: Office Brushes and Stamps Vol2, Aged Alphabet Brushes and Stamps No2, Assorted Messy Stitches No3, Be Labeled: Love, Cardstock Tabs No3, Color Study Clusters: Yellow, Crowning Affair: Vibrant Add-On Paper Pack, Curated Studio Mix Kit No12, Fastener Basics No1, Little Bits Alphabet, Messy Stamped Alphabet No2, Messy Stamped Alphabet No3, Messy Stamped Alphabet No4, Messy Stamped Alphabet No5, Mixed Stamped Alphabet, Pattern Mix: Happy BoyPaper Pack, Powder paper Pack, Simply Moroccan paper Pack No4, Simply Patterned: Neutral Paper Pack, To the Sea Add-On Paper Pack, Words+Pictures: Love Paper Pack.

Beckie created a fabulous page where the journaling is so creative and fun. It tells the reader that she would love to do this or that, but that she would be perfectly happy if things where headed in the right direction, but didn’t quite hit the mark. In my opinion, this is a great way to look at life.


Beckie’s supply list looks like this: Atlantic Element Pack, Pebbled Ledger Alphabet No1, Written Words: Love Brushes and Stamps No1, Messy Doodle Frames Brushes and Stamps No2, Kerava Solids Paper Pack.

Since I made a list last year, I made a companion page.


My supply list looks like this: Canvas Cardstocks No7, Blendable LTNo28, Gesso No1, WebInspiration LT 052314, Brielle Kit, GeometricHints Brushes and Stamps No3, Dating 2015, Mapped Paper Pieces: Transport No1, Basic Trees No1, Thin Classic Frames No2, Merry Hipmas Brushes and Stamps No1, Marlow Kit, Painted Bursts Overlays No1.

We hope you are inspired to make a bucket list of your own and hope you have fun in the process. If you are willing to share, we’d love to see your page in the AAM Gallery. If you use all DD supplies on your page, it qualifies for the Rewards Program so be sure and post a link in the January Challenge Participation Thread.

Happy Scrapping!

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Saturday Scraplift: Little Touches

It’s Saturday Scraplift time!! When I was looking for just the right page to lift this week I began thinking about the many pieces that go into creating a scrapbooking page. Very often I find myself drawn to the little touches that make it extra special. It might be some stitching, placement of a coordinating embellishment, an added mask, or a special cluster. It’s the little touches that drew me to this wonderful page that Anke created for her Days of December. I especially like the print texture she added to the background paper and the scribbles behind the photo.2015-1-2-Day22

Irene (Scrappie Irene) created this elegant wedding page and carried the pink of the bride’s flowers into the page by using watery blooms and papers to add cluster effects and the letterbox brushes add texture touches to her paper. For her page Irene used Sweet Rosey Solids Paper Pack; Sweet Rosey Paper Pack; Sweet Rosey Addon Paper Pack; Watery Blooms No. 5; Blendable Layers No. 16; Typed and Scripted Brushes and Stamps No.1; Stacked Vintage Photo Frames No. 5; Artsy Layered Blends No. 1; Artistry d’Amour Element Pack; Letter Box Brushes and Stamps No. 7.


This darling page by Bailey (Starlite) is such fun. I wish they would have had those scooters when I was a kid! I like the composition of the border clusters with the great placement of her journaling. The bicycle blended into the paper carries on the riding theme! For her delightful page Bailey used Ride Layered Template; Striping Graphic No.2 Brushes and Stamps; Striping Graphic No 3 brushes and Stamps; Blendable Layers No 15; Sweet Rosey Collection.


I had been wanting to play with Katie’s new Sweet Rosey Kit so I pulled out a photo of my granddaughter from last spring and dropped it into a fun set of layered frames. I “lifted” the cluster placement positioning and added the scribbles behind the photo.  For my page I used Sweet Rosey Addon Paper Pack; Sweet Rosey Element Pack; Letter Box Brushes and Stamps No 7; Flourished Clusters Brushes and Stamps No 4; Scribbling Clusters No 1; Metsa Element Pack; Clipped Stacks No7.


I hope you found some inspiration for some little touches that you might add to a page and will play along. Be sure to post your pages in the Saturday Scraplift Gallery! Don’t forget that all pages posted for the challenge, and using 100% Designer Digitals products will be eligible for the rewards program, so be sure keep to track of that too in the January Challenge Thread!

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DesignerDigitals Hot Page of the Week, January 10, 2015

Such a sweet page by KimR using the new Sweet Rosey Kit. I love all the layering and how she clustered all the elements to surround her sweet photo. Well done Kim!

Best Day Ever


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Scripted Story Circles Love Brushes at DesignerDigitals

Hello Friday! Hello New Products! It’s been crazy cold out east and we’re keeping warm indoors and have nearly 30 new products to inspire you to scrapbook! This included one priced at just $ 99 cents and the rest 20% off, all until Midnight EST on Tuesday.

And here is the NEW $ 99 cent item priced this way until Midnight EST Tuesday ONLY! Scripted Story Circles Love Brushes and Stamps


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Let’s Blend Challenge – Painting In Progress

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Let’s Blend challenge for 2015! We are going to start off the year by using another of Katie’s tutorials, Painting in Progress. I love the look of a page that looks painted, but then also reveals a sketch as well. The Creative Team designed a few layouts for a bit of inspiration:

Jana (jlholden15) created a stunning page and used the technique in the tutorial perfectly! I love her different blending modes and opacity changes.

Products used: Katie Pertiet: Blendable Layers No. 11, Blendable Layers No. 13, Artistry de Blanco Kit, Scribbling Clusters No. 01, Taped Together Overlays No. 02, Blendable Layers No. 09, Watery Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 12, Watery Spots Brushes No. 13.






One of our brand new Creative Team members, Irene (scrappie Irene) created two pages, one for the blog, and one that you can find in the Gallery. I love how she went from sketch to pain in many different areas of the page. Her addition of the cluster in the corner is a lovely touch.

Products used: Minted Wings Scrapbooking Collection, Blendable Layers No. 12, Watery Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 02, Tabbed Dates No. 1A.






For my page (jcaruth910) I used a photo I took of the Golden Gate Bridge last November.  I find the bright colors a wonderful contrast to the sketch portion of the page.

Products used: Katie Pertiet: Blendable Layers No. 16. Blendable Layers No. 6, Blendable Layers No. 12. Vintage Charm Element Pack, Watery Brushes No. 02.

January Lets blend upload

I hope you are feeling inspired! Katie has given us a wonderful freebie pack  to use for this challenge that includes an entire watery brush set.  Using the items in the freebie pack and your other Designer Digitals products, post your page in the Mask Appeal Scrapbook Challenge Gallery as well as in the December Challenge Participation Thread to increase your savings at Designer Digitals.  A big thank you to Jana and Irene for creating such inspiring, beautiful layouts and helping me out with this challenge.














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