Opening Doors with a NEW Art Journal Challenge

Ready to get out the artist in you?

This month’s ART Journal challenge is all about doors. A door and a door-post signify communication and conjunction. They signify a flow of energy. And doors are gateways too. Gateways to new adventures, new beginnings, new challenges and more.

What is a door to you? Do you have a story about a new chapter in your life to tell?
Use this free download [available thru the month of May] and bring out the artist in you to create an art journal page.


The team has provided you some wonderful inspiration to get you started!
First is this page by Jana!
Love all the brushwork she’s added and how her photo expands beyond the frames!


And this wonderfully thought provoking page by Kelly!
I love how she used the brush over her photo of the door. And the symbology with the open door, her quote and fresh growth with the botanical stems is so inviting.


I’m looking forward to seeing your artistic adventures!

Please post your pages in the Art Journal Challenge Gallery. Also remember you can join in with the reward scheme by using all Designer Digitals products, and posting in the rewards challenge thread for May and earn shopping discounts!

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