New iTunes Inspirations Challenge

I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying these more frequent iTunes Challenges 🙂 The gallery really comes alive, and its a joy to see you all take a step outside your comfort zone and come up with a page thats just so unique!

This months inspirational starting point is a great music album in its own right, and a beautiful piece of CD artwork too.  Win win 😉

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 22.16.47


So where could this piece take you? Is it the ink drawing set in the centre? The title banners? That gorgeous colour yellow? The tatty edges? or all of it together?

The best thing I find about these iTunes layouts, is I never quite know where it will take me. Not usually where I thought the page design was headed when I started the page, thats for sure. Love that!

The Creative team rustled up some beautiful pages to show you –

First Aino made the most precious playtime page. I love the pink, how the branch goes off the picture, and how those butterflies are just fluttering above the paper. So sweet.



Then Wendy’s page is just divine. I love that photo! The colouring is very vintage-y, she’s got those tatty edges in there and the overall softness just adds to the new baby theme 🙂



I was fully intending to do a true ink edge filter effect for my centre photo. But got happy sidetracked by all my smart filters and effects…



Katie has generously provided us with an iTunes Freebie which you might like to use on your page.

I really look forward to seeing you light up the gallery with all the ‘Kaiser Chief’ style pages – please post your page in our special iTunes Gallery so we can admire them all together in one place.

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