All New Art Journal Inspiration

Hi there – this is Aino and I am back with new Art Journal inspiration. It is my wish to show you that your favorite digital scrapping program and your favorite Designer Digital goodies can be used not only to create wonderful scrapbook pages. These are also tools you can use when you are in need for some ME time. This is where Art Journaling comes in.

I will sometimes, at the end of the day or when Friday evening comes, feel that my head is about to explode if I don’t unwind a little, get me some ME time. Perhaps I have some problem I need to find a solution to, or emotions connected to some event that occurred that hang on inside me – whatever it is, I feel the need to get it out of my system.

Now, some times I’d rather work in the garden, take a walk with the dog, hit the gym or bake cookies – but, I just as often will find my computer, turn on some fine tunes, open Photoshop and sit down with a blank open page.

Then I open my Scrapbook goodies folder and start to randomly open folders. Without thinking too much I will drag onto my pages item that strike my fancy. I work fast, organically, without thinking too much about what I do, I let my mind roam.  I paint, I move, place, write, delete, paint over and play with colors, shapes and text as my mind and thoughts begin to relax.  This is creative meditation, it is an escape and it is wonderful. I don’t have a plan as to what it will look like, I don’t worry if it will be “nice” or perfectly designed. I work instinctively and I know that when the page is finished, I will feel it. Then I save and go to bed. Happy and relaxed.

I will today go through how I created one of my recent pages, to show you how my work progresses. I hope this can be an inspiration to you and might even spark you to go create your own AJ page when the need is there. I hope so. And, let me tell you, it involves a lot less calories than baking a batch of cookies. 😀

This is how I started, I loved this map paper by Katie and placed it on my empty page.

I then added new layers with Gesso paint…. Love me some gesso! I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, but I have to admit it’s wonderful to get messy without the mess. 😉  I add a new layer for each brush stroke of gesso paint, that way I am free to erase areas that I later want to reveal or feel needs to be moved.

Remember that you can also change the opacity of the gesso layers to reveal what’s beneath. You can also play with the Blending Modes to see if anything strikes you as pretty. I prefer Gesso pain to be white and only barely opaque, so I prefer to leave Blending mode in Normal.

The next step was to add the wonderfully artsy ARTpack Overlays that Katie has made. I LOVE these. I kinda feel it’s cheating because I feel artsy but actually using Katie’s artwork – but that’s what is so cool about digi. We can all find our inner artist.

Now you will notice that I made some of the drawn rings red. This is easily done with the ARTpack because each layer is separate. You can Ctrl/Command + Click on the layer to see the “marching ants” and then you use Edit>Fill to change the color. You can also use Edit>Stroke to make the drawn rings a little thicker. Another way would be to zoom really close and then use the magic wand and select the rings you want to change the color of, and then use the paint bucket tool to fill with the color you like.  I also ended up erasing some of the rings that I felt were disturbing.

My next step was to add some ephemera, the Vintage Discs, to add some color and interest. I then used my Wacom tablet to doodle some along the edges and write some random words that entered my mind. You could do this with your mouse as well.

Then the finishing touches are added. I like to use big alpha brushes to spell out the key message of my page. I also added the big red heart stamp. A small piece of tape behind the “I miss you” made it stand out better. The tape is from the Collageables collection no.3. I also added the Defined Clipping at the upper left corner.

When do you know when your page is finished?  It’s usually a feeling that tells me now, that’s enough Aino. Do you get that feeling?  I often realize that when I keep on adding and immediately removing objects and elements, I am finished. I sit back and look at my page and try to “weigh” how the elements sit on the page, how the colors match and if I have managed to visualize the emotion that I set out to portray.

I hope I might inspire you to add this wonderful tool of Art Journaling to your arsenal of Digi Scrapbooking tricks. It feels good to release yourself occasionally of the need to document, to use photos, to be neat and perfect. Sometime it is good to play with colors, lines and words just for the sake of releasing some creative energies. If you want to share your pages, then I’d be happy to see your work in our Art Journaling Gallery. Thanks for this time!!   ~ Aino.


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