My Year | My Story Heritage Scrapbook Album

My Story AAM Scrapbook Heritage Album

My Year | My Story Heritage Scrapbook Album

Each of our stories is different and working on this project is bringing up so many nearly forgotten memories for me. This month, we have new templates to address the room you grew up in, hobbies and past times, proms and dances as well as favorite books from your childhood. Just because we only have one template for each of these topics and events doesn’t mean you can’t have 2, 4 or more pages but using other templates and either using other titles are simply repeating these pages. If you have the memories but not the photos, don’t let that stop you from documenting it. Google is great for finding generic images that might help tell your story or what about taking photos around your home of things that might spark memories of these topics. I didn’t have pictures of me enjoying my hobbies but I did have a drawer of projects I’d made and pulled them out to photograph.

My Story AAM Heritage SCrapbook Album Templates

For the bookworm page, I used google to find images of the covers of my favorite books. Although the images are very small from the web, they enlarged ok and the visual reference helped tell the story. Because this project is only for your personal scrapbook and not for sale, doing that is ok, it would be like clipping from a newspaper for a scrapbook. All of these pages easily adapt to other stories and you can always use the My Story Alphabet to change titles and match the others. There is just so much to cover! Don’t feel like you need to wait for more templates to get started on your book. You can grab a pack of background papers for this book and the essential elements [timeline, taped stack, frames and journalers] of this book are available with the purchase of just one template pack and can be duplicated to make many many more pages to tell your unique story.

AAM heritage Scrapbook Album Favorite Books

The unifying elements of this album is the background color, simple format with typed word strips and the timelines down each side. I felt it was very important to give this project a sense of time so each page has timelines with editable text paths and a marker that you can slide up and down as needed. And I encourage you to include scans of ephemera from your own life. Think certificates, diplomas, tickets [the good and the bad ;)] and other things you’ve hung on to with meaning in your life.

Check out how my own book is coming together!

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We encourage you to participate and share your projects too! Post your pages in the DesignerDigitals Gallery and don’t forget when you use ALL DD product on your challenge page you should post a link of your page in the May Challenge Participation thread so that it will count toward your savings in the rewards program. Each month you can join in and share the pages you’ve created and link your pages on the participation threads for each month and that will help towards a savings code to continue your scrapbooking projects!

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