At This Moment – AAM Challenge No. 44

The All About Me challenges are back! And I’m so excited to be back on this journey with you. Since it’s been over a year since we’ve had an AAM challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to start with a layout that addressed the now in your life.  If you’re new to these challenges, this will be a great way to start your album. If you’re not new to AAM layouts and just haven’t scrapped one in a while, this is also a great way to just capture the now.

So our topic is AT THIS MOMENT. There’s also a series of prompts to help get you started. If you don’t feel like using them, that’s perfectly okay, too. Just document your life at this moment.

The prompts are:

I am….
I love….
I feel….
I see….
I hear…..
I’m looking forward to…..
I dread…..
I am scared of…..
I am okay when….

Trace’s layout is so inspiring to me! She uses tags and the journaling prompts and so much detail to convey the happy place she’s in.

trace aam43

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I love Doris’ layout! She uses her title to emphasize her photos and to give her design balance and flow. Great idea!

doris aam44

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My layout is about a transition we’re all making right now and a really bad photo. And remember for your layout – none of us have perfect lives. Scrap it anyway!


Supplies: Frosted Fun Solids Paper Pack, Clipped Stacks No. 08, Distressed Lines and Word Art Brushes and Stamps, Hint At It Urban

I really hope you’ll join us and welcome back the AAM Challenge! You can post your layouts in the AAM Gallery.

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